INSET : Raising Boys’ Achievement

Thank you again for the INSET, the staff were buzzing afterwards!

Karen Coles, Director of Studies, Fulham Prep

• Does your boys’ attainment fall below that of girls?
• Are your staff struggling to close the attainment gap?
• Do you want to get beyond the misconceptions behind boys’ lack of achievement?
• Will a menu of practical classroom strategies targeted at raising boys’ achievement and improving motivation for learning help your teachers?


Boys’ achievement continues to be a challenge in many schools with boys’ results running well below those of girls. It is important that teachers are able to identify the reasons behind this trend and to go beyond the many myths surrounding the challenge. This course draws upon current research and expertise to cut through the myths and offer practical classroom solutions to raising boys’ performance.

Benefits of The Course

Understand what research tells us about the facts and misconceptions around boys’ achievement
Identify the key issues and focuses for your school
Gain practical strategies and tools that you can use immediately on returning to school
Be clear about your next steps in improving boys’ achievement in your school

INSET Outline

What’s the problem?

Causes of Boys’ Low Achievement – Facts and False Conceptions
Identifying the issues in your school
Three key strands for moving boys forwards

Beyond the classroom

Positive interventions
Mentoring programmes
The right role model

Get the right attitude

Promoting positive learning behaviours
Developing growth mindset, resilience and grit
Foster the DIY approach (independence and initiative)
The importance of purposeful effort

In the classroom

A menu of strategies to hook learners in (engagement menu)
Build an active learning toolkit of quick engagers
Foster reflective learners with simple assessment for and as strategies, methods for encouraging learners to take responsibility for their own learning, and, accessible metacognition activities that really work

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