Primary INSET : Engaging Boys’ with Reading and Writing

Highly engaging and motivated the staff
Rochelle Thompson, Deputy Head, Kings School

Supporting boys to achieve is an aspect of Teaching & Learning that consistently needs addressing. Historically, girls tend to achieve better than girls, in Literacy subjects. Boys seem to think differently to girls: different interests; they lack urgency and their motivation to do well is often hampered by distractions, peer pressure and low self-confidence.

Do your boys need a different approach? How can you support their learning to improve engagement, motivation and inspiration?
How can they be encouraged to become quality writers? How can they learn to reflect and improve their work?
What inspires boys to read? What do they need to enjoy reading and use this to improve their writing? How can they be encouraged to read ‘widely’?
What are their strengths and how can good teaching and the curriculum influence boys’ progress in Reading & Writing?

This course provides a useful insight into how to support and challenge boys to achieve better in Reading & Writing. The strategies and ideas also support teaching & learning in Reading & Writing to benefit all pupils – girls too!


Understanding Boys

• What does the evidence tell us about how boys think and feel?
• Exploring Socio-Cultural issues related to boys and linking to learning

Teaching & Learning

• Creating ‘boy friendly’ learning environment
• Engaging boys with Reading
• Directing the development of boys’ writing

Whole-School Strategies

• Celebrating boys’ literacy development
• Involving parents

‘Reading 4 Writing’ – a curriculum approach

• Explore how we link reading and writing to promote boys’ progress
• Marking for improvement strategies

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