What does Ofsted want?

Here are the facts about the requirements of Ofsted.  JMC have delivered these messages in training all over the country for the past year. Hopefully this will dispel myths that can result in unnecessary workloads in your school.
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Lesson planning
Ofsted does not require schools to provide individual lesson plans to Inspectors. Equally, Ofsted does not require schools to provide previous lesson plans.
Ofsted does not specify how planning should be set out, the length of time it should take or the amount of detail it should contain. Inspectors are interested in the effectiveness of planning rather than the form it takes.
Grading of lessons
Ofsted does not award a grade for the quality of teaching for any individual lessons visited and it does not grade individual lessons. It does not expect schools to use the Ofsted evaluation schedule to grade teaching or individual lessons.
Lesson observations
Ofsted does not require schools to undertake a specified amount of lesson observation.
Ofsted does not expect schools to provide specific details of the pay grade of individual teachers who are observed during inspection.
Pupils’ work
Ofsted does not expect to see a particular frequency or quantity of work in pupils’ books or folders. Ofsted recognises that the amount of work in books will often depend on the age and ability of the pupils.
Ofsted does not expect to see unnecessary or extensive written dialogue between teachers and pupils in exercise books and folders. Ofsted recognises the importance of different forms of feedback and inspectors will look at how these are used to promote learning.
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