We had a two-day mock RCI inspection, where JMC’s flexibility was exceptional, alongside their mock inspectors’ thorough knowledge and collegiate approach.

Jonathan Holmes, Deputy Head academic, St Dunstan’s College, London

 ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspections (RCI)

These inspections have a single focus on whether a school meets or does not meet the Independent Schools Standards Regulations (ISSRs) and, where appropriate the National Minimum Standards for Boarding (NMS) and the EYFS Framework Requirements for Early Years.

Unrivalled Leadership Experience in Independent Schools

All our inspection teams are led by an experienced Reporting Inspector (RI). The collective depth and breadth of experience of our inspection team is unrivalled. All of our RI’s are former independent school Headteachers in HMC , GSA , GDST or IAPS schools, many have worked at Executive level in Independent School groups. All members of the team have all held significant senior leadership positions in schools belonging to HMCGSABSAIAPS and CISC – most are also former Headteachers.

Amongst our inspection team are:

The RI will be your first point of contact once you have decided to take advantage of our ‘mock inspection’ service. Although they are referred to ask ‘mocks’, the spirit and nature of our visit is that of a supportive school review and our teams will offer a mixture of training, coaching and mentoring throughout the process. They are intended as a supportive measure as part of preparations for an inspection and to inform school development priorities. It is also intended to extend and support the school self-assessment process, not exclusively to make checks ahead of an inspection.

The review will help the school identify where support is required and where secure evidence can be provided for the inspectorate.

What is included in a Mock RCI ? 

Pre Inspection Audit

Prior to the inspection our team will review your school website, including an agreed list of named policies appropriate to the scope of the inspection, as well as other relevant documentation specified by your Reporting Inspector ( RI).

Mock Pre-Inspection Phone call between the Head & the Reporting Inspector

If required we can arrange a ‘mock phone call’ between our Reporting Inspector and the Head of the school. In the ISI Inspections Head teachers are expected to hold a substantive discussion with the lead inspector lasting from 45- 90 minutes. This is more than an administrative discussion; it will set the tone and inspection trails for the whole inspection. This discussion is a valuable exercise helping the Head prepare for the call as well as using it as a coaching opportunity to learn from our RI.

Mock Inspection Visit

The School leadership team are given have two working days’ notice of the inspection by the lead inspector. Our mock RCI’s typically last for two days. Schools with boarding or registered Early Years provision can expect team inspectors with specific experience in these areas.

Our inspection team will carry out an onsite visit, meeting with the School Compliance Officer and other relevant members of your team.

This visit will:

Ensure full compliance with current legislation:

  • Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE)
  • Prevention of illegal working (Home Office)
  • GDPR (Data Protection)
  • Equality Act (2010)

Typically the visit will involve:

  • Discussion around best practice with current processes.
  • Review of electronic Single Central Record.
  • Review of sample files.
  • Review of all employees who are subject to immigration control.
  • Review of associated documents.
  • Consultation with students
  • Discussion with the Governors , Proprietor or representative(s) of the school

Boarding Compliance & NMS

Boarding inspections are organised according to the National Minimum Standards (NMS) for boarding schools, which relate to pupils’ welfare and care in the boarding environment. Our team will review your boarding provision against the NMS, most recently updated in September 2022.

The RCI would include a site visit to your boarding houses, meeting your house staff and Pastoral/Boarding Lead and discussing boarding with your Head.  The team would also meet with a group of boarding pupils to discover their views of boarding within your school.

Mock RCI Report

The Inspection Team will give verbal feedback to the HeadTeacher, School Compliance Officer and other relevant members of the SLT during the visit.

After the visit we will follow up with a comprehensive written report which can be presented to the Governing Body.

“Very impressed indeed with the meticulous nature of the RCI, the quality of feedback and manner in which it was delivered.”

Jonny Timms, Headmaster, Walhampton School


Alternatively our Inspection team could deliver a training session for the School Compliance Officer and other members of the SLT and school administration team.

INSET : ISI Compliance for Independent Schools

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