Leadership INSET : Moving on to Middle Management

“Very inspiring”- Silvana Cardoso, Teacher, Francis Holland School

Middle leader training for new HOD’s and Head’s of Year

  • Do you need a middle leaders training programme in your school?
  • How do you insure the successful career development of your best staff within your school?
  • How do teachers make an impact as a middle leader?
  • Can you show you have an educational vision and see that through to sustainable improvement in your school?

This course is for those staff who are looking to become HOD , subject leader or Head of Year. It provides an introduction to the role and the management and leadership skills required to make a success of it. Why send individuals away on a course when we can come to you and develop the skills of all your prospective and existing middle leaders all in one go?

INSET Outline

The Essential Elements of Leadership & Management

  • Leadership versus management
  • Communication – the wrong and the right type
  • Day-to-day operational duties vs. strategic leadership
  • Successfully managing change & conflict

Outstanding Pupil Outcomes & Inspections

  • What is an outstanding lesson?
  • Creating a culture of self reflection & evaluation
  • Effective lesson observations
  • Monitoring teaching and learning
  • Preparing for inspection

Build for long-term success – how to:

  • Identify the priority areas for your school
  • Development planning and the role of appraisal
  • Build and sustain high performing teams
  • Get things done without micromanaging

“How to” guide to the role and responsibilities

  • Getting the job, applications and interviews
  • Working collaboratively: developing a vision across the key stages

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