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Coaching and feedback greatly improve the quality of teaching

“Valuable professional development delivered with clarity. Clear, concise and to the point.”
Matthew Edwards, Assistant Headteacher, Northampton School for Boys

At JMC we have a passion for developing teaching and learning. We offer a robust range of courses, all enriched with ideas, techniques and strategies to help bring out the best in the practice of all teachers.

Furthermore, our whole school or whole department approach provides unique opportunities for teachers to work together to enhance and develop their practice.

Our teaching and learning courses can be tailored to address the priorities of your school. They can be adjusted to meet your objectives and CPD needs. Please browse the course details below and use our enquiry form to let us know what interests you, and we can begin to create a truly bespoke training solution for your school

Teaching and Learning Courses

Outstanding Pupil Outcomes for All students

Schools are no longer judged on provision but rather on outcomes Improving levels of Achievement and Personal Development School inspection frameworks have moved away from a series of lesson observations where the teacher was expected to “perform” for the Inspector whilst they completed a check list of such things as “uses interactive whiteboard” and “AfL”; […]


Preparing for a full Education Quality ISI Inspection

All of us found it a very useful ‘dress rehearsal’ for the real thing!   Piers Heyworth,  Headmaster Manor Prep Getting to grips with the new focus on Outcomes for Pupils • How will your school fare in the new inspections? • Can your staff readily identify the outcomes they seek? • Can they ensure […]


Deeper Learning through Questioning

Questioning strategies to stretch and challenge all our pupils Fantastic strategies backed by research and resources to take away Donia Peters Head of Music, Clifton High School   Do you feel you ask too many closed questions? Are you looking to increase challenge and deepen learning through the outstanding use of questions? Do you want […]


Effective marking and evidencing for Ofsted

   If your current approach is unmanageable or disproportionate, stop it and adopt an approach that considers exactly what the marking needs to achieve for pupils Teacher Workload Review, 2016 Do you want to adopt a “meaningful, manageable and motivating” perspective to marking? Do you need the confidence to be able to reject decisions that […]

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Raising Academic Standards : Pupil Progress and Achievement

Lots of good ideas that I can use tomorrow, exactly what I want from CPD  Alison Yates, Year Leader, Harlington Upper School Strategies to promote high levels of progress and achievement in the classroom With so much information available to teachers on improving teaching and learning we are left wondering: Which interventions really work? Which […]


Outstanding Learning and Progress at A Level

“Excellent ideas for classroom activities” Ben Burrows, St Paul’s School A practical guide on high impact teaching strategies for post 16 students Do you apply the full range of teaching strategies at Post 16? Do you understand the Ofsted criteria for judging Post 16? How do you personalise learning and differentiate for this age range? […]


Challenging the most able students in all subjects

“Excellent – lots of good strategies and resources. I liked that the course leader was flexible in his approach and was happy to go off on tangents and alternative topics.” – St Teresa’s School Strategies for challenging the very able students in every classroom How do you set high expectations in your class for the […]


Positive Behaviour Management for Outstanding Learning and Teaching

“Great presenter, very clear and knowledgeable” Katie Coe, Exeter School Outstanding behaviour strategies for high levels of pupil progress Why do pupils misbehave? How can personalised learning improve outcomes? How can positive behaviour management strategies improve pupil attitudes to learning? Does low level disruption interrupt pupil progress in the lessons in your school?   This […]


New Teacher Survival Guide: High impact strategies for NQT’s

“To say that the first year of teaching is challenging would be an understatement. There are so many moving parts to manage and so many new things to learn that it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start.” High Impact Teaching Strategies for recently qualified teachers and those returning to the profession How do you […]

Example of Feedback at The Dragon School

ISI Excellent Marking and Feedback

With the recent changes to the ISI framework it is essential that teachers and leaders get to grips with the new criteria. This course also presents practical ways to mark smarter and how the research shows that improving marking and feedback is the number one way of adding value to pupil progression and attainment.


ISI Excellent Teaching

Dispelling misconceptions, clarifying the criteria and sharing the theory and research behind the ISI approach. This course sets out what ISI defined excellent teaching looks like and how it can be identified and strengthened throughout the school.

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Embedding a Growth Mindset into your Classroom and School

‘Mindsets’, the simple but compelling idea put forward by Carol Dweck of Stanford University, has taken the US educational system by storm and challenged the way our Stateside colleagues view learning, talent and ability. Teachers and school leaders have found the approaches and practical tips suggested by mindsets theory have had a clear impact on the performance of learners in their classrooms.



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