Strengthening Pastoral Care

Developing pastoral care systems builds pupils resilience

“One of the best INSETs we have had here.” Fiona Heywood, SENCO, Hendon Preparatory School

We pride ourselves in offering a range of courses that help schools strengthen their pastoral approach with the benefit of sound advice, relevant research and the clear guidance of lead practitioners.

Pastoral duties extends to the whole school community and we at JMC are ready to assist with ensuring your support systems are of the highest standards and embedded into all your endeavours.

Pastoral Courses

Outstanding Pastoral Leadership

I feel particularly inspired. Unlike many courses, this felt achievable.  Alison Tanner, Year 5/6 Teacher Cameley Primary School The Highly Effective Head of Year /Key Stage/ 6th Form • Need guidance on the role and its key responsibilities? • Do you require tools for evaluating how well the role is being fulfilled? • Do you […]


Lead Team: Stress Management and Resilience Building

Stress Management and Resilience Building: The Lead Team guide Why is it important that leaders have a good understanding of stress and resilience for themselves? Why do people become stressed in the first place? How can leaders and managers apply this understanding to their teams? What kinds of tools can help to manage discord and […]


Self-care and Resilience Building for Teachers and School Staff

What is the relationship between stress and resilience? How can we become more resilient? How can we better understand and manage stress, and become more productive at work? How can we become more disciplined regarding self-care, and how can good self-care support us at work? How can mindfulness and restoration exercises help us to manage […]

Thriving, not just surviving

Thriving, not just Surviving!

Thriving, not just surviving: Well-being for teachers at work and at home How can we better manage stress, and develop resilience and avoid burnout? How does ensuring a good work-life balance enable us to do our job more effectively? How can stronger personal boundaries help us to remain focused on the key elements of our […]


Supporting and Maintaining Well-being in School

By learning more about how we build resilience and manage stress, communicate with colleagues and set boundaries, create a supportive work environment and develop healthy relationships in the workplace, amongst others, we can start to put in place measures that help us to manage stress more efficiently and become more resilient in both our domestic and personal lives, thus becoming more productive and efficient at work.


Managing Low Level Disruptive Behaviour in and out of the classroom

“Really engaging tutor who clearly knew his stuff” Sadia Mirza, HOD, Dr Challoners High School Low Level Disruption. Can you kick it? Yes, you can Why manage behaviour? Why do students misbehave? How do you manage behaviour positively? What strategies and routines really work in the classroom? Low level disruption appears, in isolation, like nothing […]


Positive Behaviour Management for Outstanding Learning and Teaching

“Great presenter, very clear and knowledgeable” Katie Coe, Exeter School Outstanding behaviour strategies for high levels of pupil progress Why do pupils misbehave? How can personalised learning improve outcomes? How can positive behaviour management strategies improve pupil attitudes to learning? Does low level disruption interrupt pupil progress in the lessons in your school?   This […]


New Teacher Survival Guide: High impact strategies for NQT’s

“To say that the first year of teaching is challenging would be an understatement. There are so many moving parts to manage and so many new things to learn that it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start.” High Impact Teaching Strategies for recently qualified teachers and those returning to the profession How do you […]


Embedding a Growth Mindset into your Classroom and School

‘Mindsets’, the simple but compelling idea put forward by Carol Dweck of Stanford University, has taken the US educational system by storm and challenged the way our Stateside colleagues view learning, talent and ability. Teachers and school leaders have found the approaches and practical tips suggested by mindsets theory have had a clear impact on the performance of learners in their classrooms.


Helping them get there: Writing effective university applications and references

Overview Providing pupil references for UCAS can be a daunting prospect for teachers. Collecting the right information from colleagues and constructing a fair and balanced reference can make a huge difference as our pupils compete for their preferred places. Equally, guiding pupils (and parents) to complete impressive personal statements and to present themselves appropriately and […]


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