INSET : Positive Behaviour Management for Outstanding Learning and Teaching

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Outstanding behaviour strategies for high levels of pupil progress

  • Why do pupils misbehave?
  • How can personalised learning improve outcomes?
  • How can positive behaviour management strategies improve pupil attitudes to learning?
  • Does low level disruption interrupt pupil progress in the lessons in your school?


This course aims to explore the links between the behaviour of learners and the outcomes they are able to demonstrate. After an exploration of the links between behaviour and learning, participants will engage with highly effective strategies to lead positive behaviour in the classroom and tackle low level disruption. Participants will then go on to explore models of good practice in outstanding learning and understand how we can implement strategies that will move learning and progress towards outstanding in any school.
This course is targeted at any teacher who wishes to sharpen their behaviour management skills and adopt effective strategies to tackle low level disruption and improve the quality of teaching, learning and progress in their classrooms.

INSET Outline

Behaviour and learning

  • Understanding the correlation between behaviour and learning
  • How can we evaluate and evidence behaviour, learning and progress in or own schools?
  • What are the national expectations for behaviour, learning and progress?
  • Why do learners misbehave?

Positive behaviour strategies

  • Tackling Low level disruption – its causes and improvement strategies
  • Understanding positive behaviour management strategies
  • Behaviour management techniques for immediate impact back at school

Outstanding teaching

  • What does outstanding teaching look like?
  • Creating a positive climate for learning
  • Engaging with data to support active, creative and independent learning
  • Practical teaching strategies to excite and engage learners

Outstanding learning and progress

  • What does outstanding learning look like?
  • How to make questioning active and effective
  • Differentiated learning to meet the learning needs of all learners and to ensure breadth and depth
  • Assessment for learning to ensure pace and rigour in the classroom
  • Using data to effectively evidence outstanding progress

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