Leadership INSET : The complete toolkit for Senior Leaders

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Proven strategies for excelling as a Deputy Headteacher in your school

One of the signs of exceptional school leadership is the numbers of colleagues who go on to become school leaders themselves. As senior leaders it is our job to support middle leaders to develop the skills to become highly effective school leaders. At JMC we appreciate this a time consuming process  for any Head or Deputy, which may mean you would appreciate some assistance in developing the leadership styles of your staff.

  • Do you have a cohort of middle leaders who need training in school leadership?
  • Why not train them in the art of school leadership all in one go?
  • Are you looking to progress into the Senior Leadership Team?
  • Do you want to understand the leadership qualities required for the role?

Who is this INSET suitable for?

Middle leaders and aspiring deputy heads who want to understand and prepare for the role of Assistant Head or Deputy Head teacher.

This course could be offered as one to one or small group mentoring.
JMC Mentoring can be either face to face or online.
We have an extensive range of Primary/Secondary/Independent and International school leaders ready to act as your mentor or critical friend.
See Mentoring & Coaching

INSET Outline

“How to” guide to the role and responsibilities
  •  Getting the job, applications and interviews
  • Working collaboratively: understand the head’s vision
  • Day-to-day operational duties vs. strategic leadership
  • Advancing policies: effectively deploy and develop staff
  • Leading high-quality teaching: developmental activities
Make a positive impact from the beginning
  • Work beyond the requirements of inspection  to benefit the school
  • Bring coherence to: Curriculum, Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Use planning to build success from the start
  • Develop your leadership styles: which to use when
Build for long-term success – how to:
  • Identify the priority areas for your school
  • Build and sustain high performing teams
  • Bring colleagues into your shared vision
  • Get things done without micromanaging
  • Performance management: Develop and manage your staff’s performance
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