Primary INSET : Improving Reading & Critical Literacy Across All Subjects

Supporting a rich and ambitious curriculum

This course will be essential to make sure your school is providing a rich curriculum which supports children’s development of reading across all subjects. With a greater emphasis on whether schools have adopted or constructed an ambitious curriculum, school leaders are now in a strong position to evaluate and improve how reading is taught in all areas of the curriculum and how they prepare all children to make good progress and become better prepared for the next stages of their learning.

Promoting reading across the curriculum

Do you know what good practice is and how to promote reading across the curriculum?
How can you make your school’s curriculum ‘language rich’?
Do you know how children can be inspired to draw on high-quality published and on-line texts?
Are you aware of the current framework and the changes for 2019 and the implications this has on teaching and leading within a school?
Do you know that all of your children are making good and better progress in reading in foundation subjects and how to evidence this?

Defining Reading

• Establishing a clear definition of reading in terms of the critical literacy needed for success and full participation
• Reading for meaning to promote ‘critical literacy’
• Developing an ambitious curriculum

Inspection requirements for reading across the curriculum

• What are inspectors looking for and gathering evidence on?
• What implications do inspection frameworks and criteria have on how children should be taught reading
• Curriculum Intent and curriculum implementation – ensuring consistency.

A Practical Approach for Teaching ‘Critical Literacy’

How to teach the children to recognise:

Relationships – interactions among ideas or characters
Richness – text sophistication
Structure – features of texts and how to interpret them
Style – author’s tone and use of language
Vocabulary – author’s choice of words and appreciation of context
Purpose – the author’s intent and audience

Reading for all children (across all subjects)

• Skills of reading – practice and summarizing
• Evaluating texts
• Links to progress in writing and evidence-based research
• Meeting the needs of EAL and less-able readers.

This course is suitable for senior leadership team members of all key stages.

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