Wellbeing, Positive Mental Health & PSHEE INSET


Fantastic staff well-being INSET – all of our staff thoroughly enjoyed the engaging, insightful activities and discussions.

Haylie Saunders, Deputy Head Academic, St Swithun’s School

CPD & INSET  to Improve Teacher Wellbeing

JMC provide a range of support for schools to improve staff wellbeing beyond putting cakes in the staffroom or telling teachers not to work over the weekend. Our training programmes provide longer lasting strategies for staff to manage the growing pressures of the job.

Impact on Pupil Outcomes

Teacher wellbeing has a direct impact on student learning as shown in research by Professor Donna Cross Winthrop, Telethon Kids Institute at the University of Western Australia.

As a minimum standard, schools should have a staff wellbeing policy. Teachers, school leaders and Teaching Assistants should also be offered additional training on stress management and resilience building to cope with the aspects of the job they find most challenging – which, if not addressed, can lead to poor mental health.

Impact of School Recruitment & Retention

The consequence of schools not addressing staff well-being is a mounting recruitment and retention problem. Teaching is one of the most important jobs there is, a chance to shape the future of the next generation. But by turning the role into an unmanageable task we risk alienating those with the passion and skill to succeed.

From April 2017 to March 2018, the number of teachers seeking support increased by 35%, from 2,321 to 3,136.
Education Support Partnership

Impact on Pupil’s Mental Health

There is also a link between poor staff mental health and poor pupil mental health. There has not been nearly enough focus on the former in recent years, and this must change if we are to improve the wellbeing of future generations.

Ultimately, there needs to be statutory wellbeing policies in all education institutions and regulators should  prioritise staff wellbeing in their assessments.

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How can School Leaders Support Teacher Wellbeing?

Behaviour Management Support

Student behaviour is also an issue for teachers’ mental health and wellbeing. Education Support’s Teacher Wellbeing Index found that 51 per cent of teachers had considered leaving the profession as a result of student behaviour.

It’s vital for teachers and school leaders to work together to create a culture of high expectations of behaviour, with clear and consistent approaches to managing transgressions, including low-level disruption.

For our Behaviour Management INSET’s follow this link

Managing Teacher Workload

Ofsted have finally recognised that school leaders must manage the workload of their teachers. Many of the current marking practices are extremely time consuming whilst adding very little value. There is no empirical evidence that triple impact marking for example improves outcomes.

For our INSET’s on Making Marking more Manageable see this link 

It’s certainly worth schools considering how they could adapt their marking practices to ensure they are not so burdensome that teachers consider leaving the profession.

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For further support, contact the Education Support Partnership’s free helpline offering support and counselling for teachers on 08000 562 561.