“As Chair of Trustees, this Change Leadership training was transformative. It provided me with the frameworks and insights to navigate the complexities of educational change. Our trust has since adopted more strategic, evidence-based approaches, resulting in remarkable improvements across our schools. This training isn’t just about managing change; it’s about leading it with vision and purpose.”

Chris Kent – The Learning Federation

Transforming Vision into Action: Mastering the Art of Change Leadership in Education

Join our dynamic and insightful Change Leadership Masterclass, tailor-made for Governors, Heads, Senior & Middle Leaders in education. Navigate the complexities of change management with confidence and skill. Whether it’s reviewing curriculum delivery, implementing innovative teaching tools, refining pedagogical approaches or restructuring staffing models, this course will equip you with the tools and knowledge to lead change effectively.

Change leadership helps schools during transitional periods by using the power of vision—translating a mission from paper to the daily operations of the school. Too often, leaders miss opportunities to play specific roles throughout the change process. Understanding where you stand as a change leader, depending on the initiative and circumstances, is critical.

As a transformational leader, you’re aware of the need to embrace change to serve your students and prepare them for the future, but you also empathize with how tough change can be when the stakes are high. 

New leaders

Key Features of the Mastering Change Leadership training

In-Depth Exploration of EEF’s Four-Stage Change Leadership Implementation Process:

Discover the power of strategic planning and how to apply foundational principles for successful change implementation in educational settings.

Learn from Proven Change Leadership Models:

Dive into Kotter’s 8-Step Change Process, the ADKAR Model, and the House of Change. Understand their relevance and application in educational leadership.

Project Management Techniques:

Gain insights into stakeholder management matrices, RAG rating, and risk management strategies, essential for both educational and commercial contexts.

Data-Informed Decision Making:

Learn to leverage quantitative and qualitative data for effective monitoring and long-term program evaluation.

How will you measure the impact of this INSET?

We will provide you with strategies for follow-up to measure the impact of the training, such as:

  • Surveys and Assessments
  • Self-reflection and goal setting
  • Further professional development opportunities

If you would like further support, or follow up sessions, these can be arranged via our team. There is also the option of commissioning change leadership support. This could be done prior to the INSET day, to identify areas of focus. Alternatively it could be booked for a time after the training, to allow you to evidence the impact achieved and set a course for future change management.

Contact our team to arrange an ‘Change Management Consultation’ to inform your team & assist with self evaluation and improvement planning.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your school’s change management practices to the next level. Sign up for our training today and become a leader in implementing sustained, evidence informed and impactful development.


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