“One of the best INSETs we have had here.”

Fiona Heywood, SENCO, Hendon Preparatory School

Pastoral Care

Pastoral responsibility extends to the whole school community from the School receptionist to the HeadTeacher and we at JMC are ready to assist with ensuring your support systems are of the highest standards and embedded into all your endeavours.

We are able to provide support and training for


School staff are dedicated to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of their pupils and this should be regardless of age, ability, race, culture, religion, sexuality or class. Safeguarding should be fully integrated into a School’s ethos and culture.

We can provide safeguarding training for new staff or update for all staff either online or face to face.

Find out more about our Safeguarding expert-led webinars

Is your school compliant with the current Safeguarding regulations? We can carry out a safeguarding audit for your academy or school

JMC Inspections Team

Character Building

There has been a lot of discussion and debate over the relationship between pupil well-being and personal development and their academic progress and achievement. Even Ofsted have finally realised that character building is important.

Character or Grit?

“Intelligence plus character—that is the true goal of education.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Character ( or what Angela Duckworth mostly calls Grit) is very complex and has many definitions and its unclear whether Ofsted has decided which they are working from. Sean Harford Ofsted’s National Director simply lists all the soft skills or learning behaviours. It’s not easy to quantify or measure.

Character enables you to live a life that is as good for others as it is for you. Educators as far back as the early twentieth century, such as Maria Montessori and John Dewey, saw school as an essential arena for character development.

More recently Duckworth’s team have found that grit has the greatest impact on levels of determination and motivation over long periods despite experiences with failure and adversity.

Can we teach character ?

No, not directly – certainly not through character education

Don’t we all teach character ?

Yes – through our expectations & the culture we create in schools

Our Associates are experienced school leaders and understand how to help schools build and develop that culture.


High levels of pupil well-being are a product of a strong pastoral system and supportive culture.

We pride ourselves in offering a range of courses that help schools strengthen their pastoral approach with the benefit of sound advice, relevant research and the clear guidance of lead practitioners.

Please browse the course details below and get in touch to find out what makes us different and we can begin to create a truly bespoke solution for your school.


020 8531 4152


020 8531 4152

Pastoral & Safeguarding Courses

Character ,resilience and grit

INSET : Building Character, Determination & Resilience

“This could not have been more relevant. It has made me rethink and it has already changed our plan for next academic year. I will be looking out for other…


RSE Policy / PSHE Education audit

“We found the RSE policy review and wider support an invaluable aid to improve our provision” Emma Cornhill, Headteacher Fairburn School, North Yorkshire The expectations for Relationships Education, Relationships and…

boy in green shirt

INSET : Positive Behaviour Management Strategies

“Great presenter, very clear and knowledgeable” Katie Coe, Exeter School Outstanding Behaviour Strategies for high levels of pupil progress Why do pupils misbehave? How can positive behaviour strategies improve pupil…

cheerful diverse schoolgirls on sports ground

INSET: Actively Promoting Wellbeing of our Pupils

With ISI proposing to inspect against the Independent Schools Standards through the lens of pupil wellbeing from September 2023, now is the perfect time to consider your whole school approach…

Safeguarding training

Compliance & Safeguarding Training Webinars

Our expert-led webinars are available for schools to book for their leaders and staff as a 1 or 2 hour tailored and interactive Zoom sessions which would be suitable for…


Safeguarding INSET: KCSIE Compliance 2022

This expert-led KCSIE webinar is available for schools to book for their leaders and staff as a 1 or 2 hour interactive Zoom session. It can be booked now to…


NMS INSET: Boarding Compliance – National Minimum Standards

This expert-led NMS webinar is available for schools to book for their boarding leaders and staff as a 1 or 2 hour interactive Zoom session. It can be booked now…

Sex Education

INSET: Teaching Relationship & Sex Education (RSE)

“Excellent! Very clear and direct. Covered a lot of content in an engaging manner. The course also helped me with Sex Education strategies.” Adam Tyson, Housemaster & Head of Wellbeing,…


INSET: Bullying & Cyberbullying Awareness

‘Made us all reflect deeply on bullying’ Didier Laisne, IMPRO, Cripp Mortain. How do you deal with on both an institutional and personal level? What are the consequences for your…


INSET: PTSD & Trauma Awareness in Schools

‘these activities enhanced our understanding of PTSD & trauma.’ Jonathan Store, Team Leader, South Manchester Mental Health Training Unit Understanding PTSD and Trauma For teachers and support staff, trauma and…

Boarding school Audit

INSET: Boarding School Staff Training for ISI Inspection

• Is your Boarding school fully compliant ?• How do you know?• Where is your evidence and is it easily accessible?• Are you confident of meeting all NMS for Independent…

Boys Attainment

INSET : Raising Boys Attainment & Engagement

“Left the staff buzzing with ideas, an excellent inset on raising boys attainment without doubt!” Sophie Banks , Headmistress, Eton End School • Does your boys’ attainment fall below that…

Ofsted Personal Development

INSET: Ofsted Personal Development – building resilience, confidence & independence

What are inspectors looking for in Ofsted personal development? The current Ofsted inspection framework now places a much greater emphasis on pupils personal development and how the school and its…


Safeguarding INSET: Targeting Sexual Abuse & Sexual Harrassment

One of the reasons that the Department for Education made aspects of PSHE education statutory in all schools, was a report on sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools to…

Promoting wellbeing

INSET: Head of Year & Pastoral Staff Training

Experts at leading interactive workshops which are lively, inclusive and offer multiple opportunities to reflect which will guide your organisation and pastoral staff to insightful and impactful outcomes. Kate Sommerville,…

headteacher appraisal

INSET: Housemaster, Housemistress & House Staff Training

Experts at leading interactive workshops which are lively, inclusive and offer multiple opportunities to reflect which will guide your organisation and colleagues to insightful and impactful outcomes. Kate Sommerville, Assistant…


Safeguarding Reviews & Training for International schools

“Sage, constructive, informed and helpful” Christine Rowlands, Vice Principal DSL, Sha Tin College, Hong Kong Every child has the right to live and learn in conditions that promote optimum development…

school self review

Inspection INSET: The Single Central Register for the Bewildered

“Expert advice and guidance delivered in a skilled and professional manner ” Mr W Sawyer, Head of Prep School, Yarm School What is a Single Central Register or SCR? Why…

Ofsted Outstanding

Behaviour & Attitudes Audit for Primary & Secondary Schools

‘The Behaviour audit was conducted sensitively and thoroughly both prior to and during the audit. JMC took time to speak to staff and students to ensure they felt part of the…

behaviour management coaching

Behaviour Management Coaching for Secondary Schools

Your behaviour management coaching had a very high impact on my teaching, and I do not have enough words to thank you. Anka, Mathematics teacher, The Cooperative Academy, North Manchester…

support staff

INSET: Behaviour Management for Support Staff

‘Very well received by our support staff, practical, relevant and thoroughly engaging. Would highly recommend.’ Andy Turner , Principal Support Manager, Stocksbridge High School, Sheffield Successful behaviour management strategies for…

Safeguarding Audit

Safeguarding Audit : Academies Schools & FE Colleges

Very useful practical tips and information. Immediate take home actions. Abingdon School MAT, Academy & School Safeguarding Audits Understanding your duties and responsibilities, and developing and embedding good safeguarding practice,…

SEND Remote Learning

INSET: Supporting SEND Remote learning for Students

Thank you so much, really inspiring Carrie Russell, Teaching Assistant, QEH Junior School While teachers everywhere are finding innovative ways of supporting pupils’ learning at home, remote teaching also poses…

Positive education

INSET: Positive Education in Schools

“I felt so fortunate that I was able to attend professional development training on Positive Education as this is something I’ve been interested in for a long time. Having the…

Teacher Burnout

INSET: Avoid & Deal with Teacher Burnout & Overwhelm

“This was a very timely and important workshop helping staff to recognise and address teacher burnout. It made everyone take their wellbeing more seriously.” David Welsh, Deputy Head, St. James…

Positive school culture

INSET: Creating & Maintaining a Positive School Culture

“This is a great workshop focused on improving wellbeing through a positive school culture. It really made me reflect on the way we all treat each other in school and…

Boarding school Audit

INSET: ISI Personal Development – building resilience, self-confidence & independence

What are inspectors looking for in ISI personal development? The current ISI inspection framework places a significant emphasis on pupils personal development and how the school and its curriculum contributes…

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

INSET: Supporting Learners with ADHD

The combination of evidence and research in the presentation made the information credible and relatable. Cerys Williams, Reigate and Banstead Borough Council Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) effects approximately 6%…


INSET: Promoting SMSC across the School Curriculum

“Thank you so much for the SMSC course, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it , how insightful it was and useful. I am going to be able…

Mental Health Support

INSET: Mental Health Support in Schools during Covid19

We are currently living in challenging and unprecedented times that have had a huge impact on the mental health of both adults and children.  All young people have been affected…

Personal Development

INSET: Achieving Excellence in Pupil Personal Development

Thank you very much for a very informative and useful session Katherine Beith, Director of Studies, Alleyn’s Junior School How would you rate your pupil’s personal development? How do you…


INSET : Supporting Learners with Anxiety

‘You may not realise just how many lives  you actually change by your training courses so I felt the need to tell you. Since we attended our life has become…


INSET: Supporting Learners with Autism

” I wanted to write to say a huge thank you for the most inspiring and informative INSET. The approach was so refreshing, engaging and staff especially liked the personal…

holistic development

EYFS INSET : Holistic Development in Early Years

Relatable and refreshing training, that engaged and inspiredK.Payne,  Early Years Advisor What is Holistic Development? Holistic Development is an approach to learning that emphasises the importance of the physical, emotional…

Boarding school Audit

INSET: Safe & Fully Compliant Boarding Schools

• Are Boarding schools fully compliant ?• How do you know?• Where is your evidence and is it easily accessible?• Will you satisfy the SCCIF (Maintained Schools) or are confident…

Covid Compliant

Covid Compliance: Is your MAT , Academy or School Covid Compliant?

As schools across the UK open for all students for the new school year, teaching professionals need guidance on how best to support and protect children and young people. Will…

INSET : Raising Boys’ Achievement & Engagement

“Left the staff buzzing with ideas, an excellent inset on raising boys achievement without doubt!” Sophie Banks , Headmistress, Eton End School • Does your boys’ achievement fall below that…


INSET: Mental Health First Aid Wellbeing Champion

“Thank you so much, it was absolutely brilliant and incredibly useful, lots of staff are giving very positive feedback.” Nishi Kapoor, Deputy Head Pastoral, Northbridge House Nursery & Pre-Prep Why…

MHFA Certificate

Online INSET: MHFA Mental Health Awareness Certification

“The MHFA course was fantastic, and it was good to discuss MH issues in such detail. The instructor was ever so considerate and mindful about making sure everyone felt comfortable…


PSHE INSET: Secondary Relationship & Sex Education (RSE)

“Excellent! Very clear and direct. Covered a lot of content in an engaging manner. The course also helped me with RSE strategies.” Adam Tyson, Housemaster & Head of Wellbeing, UCS…

Most able

INSET : Embedding a Growth Mindset into your Classroom and School

‘Mindsets’, the simple but compelling idea put forward by Carol Dweck of Stanford University, has taken the US educational system by storm and challenged the way our Stateside colleagues view learning, talent and ability. Teachers and school leaders have found the approaches and practical tips suggested by mindsets theory have had a clear impact on the performance of learners in their classrooms.

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relationships education

PSHE INSET: Primary Statutory Relationship Education

“Very useful day with plenty of practical (Relationship Education) activities and resources to share/use with staff” Karen Davies, Blockley C of E Primary School Relationship Education, Sex Education, and Health…

Anger management

INSET : Strategies for Anger Management in the Classroom

“0ur staff found your anger management course hugely beneficial. The resources that you’ve sent will also be a huge help as we try to embed the strategies that you outlined.”Emma…

assertive teacher

INSET : The Assertive Teacher & School

I found this course very uplifting. I’ve learnt many different strategies to enable me to be more confident and assertive teacher, and to develop assertiveness in my pupils. Dale James,…

emotional intelligence

INSET : Emotional Intelligence to Improve Learning

Presented with style and humour – Great Stuff! So many courses (I’ve been on) suffer from lack of personality and heart – Not this one!’ Rob Flint, Lead Practitioner Art,…

inclusive classroom

INSET : Inclusive Classroom Practice

It was what I think, in my humble opinion, good inset should be: a chance to challenge our current thinking, whilst building on our existing knowledge and skills; plenty of…


INSET : Understanding Mindsets for Pupils and Parents

“Fantastic level of information portrayed by an expert in child mindsets whose books are a must read for children ages 8-11….and their parents!”   David Fann, Associate Headteacher, Former Secretary…

teenage brain

INSET : Understanding the Adolescent Brain

Photo courtesy of Andrew Neel Andrew Neel “Fantastic level of information portrayed by a highly knowledgeable trainer.” Assistant Headteacher, Surrey For many years we have blamed challenging teenage behaviour on…

INSET: Supporting Mental Health & Well-being of Pupils

How do we as teachers support our pupil’s Mental Health? With the focus in schools well and truly on pupil mental health and wellbeing, is your school ahead of the…

Mental Health First aid

INSET : Mental Health First Aid Two Day Course

“I felt the instructor did a great job of delivering given the situation we are in. He made me feel at ease and able to share my own personal struggles.”…