‘The Behaviour audit was conducted sensitively and thoroughly both prior to and during the audit. JMC took time to speak to staff and students to ensure they felt part of the process and the report helped us to reflect objectively on our practice. ‘                                                    

Nicola Mason, Headteacher, Chase Terrace Academy

A fresh look at your school through experienced eyes

  • What is going right in terms of positive relationships and behaviour for learning?
  • Is the school teaching behaviour in a coherent and effective way?
  • How are your values and beliefs played out at classroom level and around the school?

You might be gearing up for inspection, you might have recently introduced a new behaviour policy and want a snapshot of its implementation, or you might want to ‘clear the decks’ before a new policy is written. Whatever the reason for the behaviour audit, we will provide constructive, expert feedback, acting as a critical friend.

The Behaviour audit will:

  • Highlight best practice and ways it can be built upon
  • Identify areas for development in the medium and longer term
  • Point out any issues that require urgent action
  • Provide feedback on the behaviour policy

Typically the behaviour audit will involve:

  • Brief visits to a wide range of lessons
  • Time spent on corridors, and in social areas during breaks,
  • Audits to and brief discussion with staff in any special ‘behaviour’ provision.
  • Lunchtime in informal discussion with pupils in the dining hall
  • Time spent reviewing your behaviour policy, and your analysis of behaviour data.

Feedback & Full Report

Our audit fully complements ISI & Ofsted’s latest Education Inspection Framework.

We will give verbal feedback to the Head teacher, behaviour lead and other SLT members during the audit.

We use our findings to provide suggestions about how to embed a positive behaviour culture across the school. Where required, we can also work with you to create a comprehensive action plan to enhance practice across the whole school.

After the audit, we will follow up with a full written report which can be presented to the Governing Body or School Proprietors.


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