Our full INSET course directory

An alphabetical directory of our INSET courses. Please contact us if you do not find the course you are looking for. We offer a fully bespoke service so can tailor our courses to your needs.

Action Research

Action Research Project: Teaching Innovation Program

Resilience Coaching

Building Personal Resilience Coaching Programme

Coronavirus Schools Guidance

Coronavirus Schools Guidance – 12 ways to reduce the risks!

Executive coaching

Executive Coaching for Headteachers & School Principals


EYFS INSET : Achieving Outstanding Early Years Provision

Effective learning

EYFS INSET : Characteristics of Effective Learning in EYFS

Eyfs computing

EYFS INSET : Computing and Coding in EYFS & Pre Prep

EYFS INSET : Early Years Outdoor Education

holistic development

EYFS INSET : Holistic Development in Early Years

Early years

EYFS INSET : Inspire Children in Early Years Education

sustained shared thinking

EYFS INSET: Questioning Strategies to Develop Sustained Shared Thinking

Ofsted Deep Dive

How to Prepare for an Ofsted Deep Dive

Active learning

INSET : Active learning in the Classroom: make your pupils work harder than you!


INSET : AfL / Formative Assessment in International Schools

Low level disruption

INSET : Behaviour Management for Low Level Disruption

Character ,resilience and grit

INSET : Building Character,Grit & Resilience in Schools

Chemistry INSET

INSET : Challenging able Chemistry students to reach their true potential

Most able

INSET : Challenging the most able students in all subjects

INSET : Coaching Teachers & Leaders for Success

INSET : Creative Teaching & Learning Strategies

INSET : Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

curriculum design

INSET : Curriculum Design: Intent, Implementation & Impact

INSET : Differentiation and Personalised Learning

INSET : Difficult Conversations (including with Parents)


INSET : Effective Curriculum Monitoring & Evaluation

Most able

INSET : Embedding a Growth Mindset into your Classroom and School

emotional academic resilience

INSET : Emotional Academic Resilience Toolkit for Students

emotional intelligence

INSET : Emotional Intelligence to Improve Learning

Example of Feedback at The Dragon School

INSET : Excellent Marking & Feedback for ISI

Teacher CPD

INSET : Excellent Teaching & Learning for ISI

Teaching boys and girls

INSET : Gender Differences in the Classroom

questioning strategies

INSET : Higher Cognitive Questioning Strategies

INSET : Higher-Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) & Academic Study Skills

Lesson observations

INSET : How to make lesson observations meaningful

Primary curriculum

INSET : Improving Literacy across the Primary Curriculum


INSET : Improving Literacy across the Secondary Curriculum

inclusive classroom

INSET : Inclusive Classroom Practice

INSET : Independent Learning and Increasing Pupil Initiative

INSET : ISI Excellent Pupil Outcomes for All students

INSET : Making a Digital Difference: raising attainment across the curriculum with digital tools.

INSET : Marking & Feedback Advanced Practice for Schools


INSET : Meaningful Appraisal & Feedback

Mental Health First aid

INSET : Mental Health First Aid Two Day Course


INSET : Metacognition & Self-regulation – Reframing learners as thinkers

metacognitive feedback

INSET : Metacognitive Feedback to Improve Pupil Progress

independent thinkers

INSET : More Independent Thinkers with a Growth Mindset

online learning

INSET : Online Learning & Blended Teaching Strategies

Outstanding Implementation

INSET : Outstanding Implementation of T&L

Behaviour management

INSET : Positive Behaviour Management Strategies

INSET : Raising Boys’ Achievement & Engagement

INSET : Rapid & Sustained Progress – High Impact Strategies for Class-teachers


INSET : Self-care and Resilience Building for Teachers and School Staff


INSET : SEND Learners – Practical Classroom Strategies

Anger management

INSET : Strategies for Anger Management in the Classroom


INSET : Supporting and Maintaining Well-being in School

assertive teacher

INSET : The Assertive Teacher & School

INSET : The teachers’ toolkit for highly effective NQTs


INSET : Understanding Mindsets for Pupils and Parents

teenage brain

INSET : Understanding the Adolescent Brain

Thriving, not just surviving

INSET : Wellbeing for Better Teaching

coaching and mentoring

INSET Programme : Transformational Teacher Coaching

Critical thinking

INSET: Critical thinking & Higher order thinking skills (HOTS)

Knowledge Rich Curriculum

INSET: Developing a Knowledge Rich Curriculum in Science

curriculum transition

INSET: Evidence Based Teaching to Improve Outcomes

INSET: Highly Effective Teaching Assistants

Metacognitive strategies

INSET: Improving Literacy through Metacognitive Strategies

INSET: Mental Health First Aid Wellbeing Champion

metacognition in STEM

INSET: Metacognition in STEM / Science / Maths Teaching

metacognitive strategies

INSET: Metacognitive Strategies for Teaching Assistants

INSET: Positive Mental Wellbeing for Teachers & TA’s

student-led learning

INSET: Student-led Learning in an International School

INSET: Supporting Mental Health & Well-being of Pupils

Teacher resilience

INSET: Teacher Resilience Advantage Workshop

Inspection INSET : Achieving the BSO Standards

Inspection INSET : ISI Compliance for Schools


Inspection INSET : Securing Excellence in ISI BSO EQI


Inspection INSET : Securing Excellence in ISI EQI

Covid Compliant

Is your MAT , Academy or School Covid Compliant?

Leadership coaching : Building and leading a robust Digital Strategy

Indpependent School Leadership

Leadership coaching : Leading in an Independent School

Middle leadership

Leadership coaching : Moving on to Middle Leadership

academic leadership

Leadership coaching : Outstanding Academic Leadership

departmental leadership

Leadership coaching : Outstanding Departmental Leadership

Leadership coaching : Outstanding Pastoral Leadership

Stress Management

Leadership coaching : Stress Management for SLT

Leadership coaching : The complete toolkit for Senior Leaders

leadership coaching

Leadership Coaching for Middle Leaders

Leadership INSET : Ultilising Data and Leading Assessment

Leadership INSET: Enabling Collective Teacher Efficacy (CTE)

Leadership Programme: Strategic Leadership

Middle Leaders Mentorship Programme

Mpck inspection

Mock Inspection for Schools

Ofsted 2020

Ofsted 2020 INSET : Deep Dive Marking & Feedback

Ofsted Deep dive

Ofsted 2020 INSET : Preparing for a Curriculum Deep Dive

Ofsted 2020 INSET : The Ofsted Ready Leadership Team

Ofsted Ready Leader

Ofsted 2020 INSET: The Ofsted Ready School

MHFA Certificate

Online INSET: MHFA Mental Health Awareness Certification

6th form

Post 16 INSET : Outstanding Learning & Progress in 6th Form

Primary INSET : Bringing the Primary Computing Curriculum to life

Primary maths

Primary INSET : Challenging More Able Pupils in Maths