An alphabetical directory of our INSET courses. Please contact us if you do not find the course you are looking for. We offer a fully bespoke service so can tailor our courses to your needs.

School staff disciplinary investigations

School Staff Disciplinary Investigations

Multi-academy Trust

Academy & School Governance Review

Action Research

Action Research Project: Teaching Innovation

Assessment strategies

Assessment Strategies: The Bridge between Teaching & Learning

Ofsted Outstanding

Behaviour Audit for Primary & Secondary Schools

behaviour management coaching

Behaviour Management Coaching for Secondary Schools


Boarding School Audit for Independent Schools

Accreditation Inspection audit

BSO Accreditation Inspection Audit


BSO INSET : Exemplary Practice in BSO Education Quality

Safeguarding training

Compliance & Safeguarding Training Webinars

Compliance audit

Compliance Audit : Schools Academies & FE Colleges

Coronavirus Schools Guidance

Coronavirus Schools Guidance – 12 ways to reduce the risks!

Covid Compliant

Covid Compliance: Is your MAT , Academy or School Covid Compliant?

curriculum review

Curriculum Review for state and independent Schools

DEI audit

Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Audit


ECT INSET : The Early Career Teacher Toolkit

EDI Review

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion EDI Review

Executive coaching

Executive Coaching for Headteachers & School Principals


EYFS INSET : Achieving Outstanding Early Years Provision

Effective learning

EYFS INSET : Characteristics of Effective Learning in EYFS

Computational thinking

EYFS INSET : Computing and Coding in EYFS & Pre Prep

EYFS INSET : Early Years Outdoor Education

holistic development

EYFS INSET : Holistic Development in Early Years

Early years

EYFS INSET : Inspire Children in Early Years Education

sustained shared thinking

EYFS INSET: Questioning Strategies to Develop Sustained Shared Thinking

headteacher appraisal

Headteacher Appraisal & Recruitment

Headteacher wellbeing

Headteacher Wellbeing & Resilience Coaching Programme

global education

How is the Covid 19 Pandemic Impacting Global Education?

School culture

Improving School Wellbeing Through Positive School Culture

collaborative learning

INSET : Active learning strategies in the Classroom

Feedback strategies

INSET : Advanced Marking & Feedback Strategies


INSET : AfL / Formative Assessment in International Schools

Low level disruption

INSET : Behaviour Management for Low Level Disruption

Character ,resilience and grit

INSET : Building Character, Determination & Resilience


INSET : Challenge Culture for all Pupils

Chemistry INSET

INSET : Challenging able Chemistry students to reach their true potential

challenge HPA

INSET : Challenging the most able students in all subjects

INSET : Coaching Teachers & Leaders for Success

collaborative learning

INSET : Collaborative learning strategies

Great Teaching

INSET : Consistently Great Teaching & Learning for ISI

INSET : Creative Teaching & Learning Strategies

INSET : Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

curriculum design

INSET : Curriculum Design: Intent, Implementation & Impact

emotional academic resilience

INSET : Developing Emotional Academic Resilience for your pupils


INSET : Differentiation and Personalised Learning

Difficult conversations

INSET : Difficult Conversations with Parents

Most able

INSET : Embedding a Growth Mindset into your Classroom and School

emotional intelligence

INSET : Emotional Intelligence to Improve Learning

Teaching boys and girls

INSET : Gender Differences in the Classroom

questioning strategies

INSET : Higher Cognitive Questioning Strategies

INSET : Higher-Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) & Academic Study Skills

INSET : Improving Boys Literacy & Reading

good teacher

INSET : Improving Pupil Progress & Attainment at KS3 & KS4


INSET : Improving Reading in Secondary Schools

inclusive classroom

INSET : Inclusive Classroom Practice

INSET : Independent Learning and Increasing Pupil Initiative

ISI inspection Framework

INSET : Key Staff Preparation for the F23 ISI Inspection Framework


INSET : Leading Effective Appraisal for Middle and Senior Leaders

work scrutiny

INSET : Marking & Feedback – Evidencing for Inspection

Mental Health First aid

INSET : Mental Health First Aid Two Day Course


INSET : Metacognition Reframing learners as thinkers

metacognitive feedback

INSET : Metacognitive Feedback to Improve Pupil Progress

critical thinking

INSET : More Independent Thinkers with a Growth Mindset

INSET : New Standards for Accredited BSO Schools

Positive Behaviour Management

INSET : Positive Behaviour Management Strategies

Reading Deep Dive

INSET : Preparing for a Literacy & Reading Deep Dive

Primary curriculum

INSET : Raising Achievement in Primary Literacy & Reading

Digital literacy

INSET : Raising attainment through digital literacy.

Boys Attainment

INSET : Raising Boys Attainment & Engagement

INSET : Raising Boys’ Achievement & Engagement

INSET : Rapid & Sustained Progress for all pupils

Remote teaching

INSET : Remote Teaching & Blended Learning Strategies


INSET : Self-care and Resilience Building for School Staff

smart marking

INSET : Smart Marking & Feedback Strategies

Anger management

INSET : Strategies for Anger Management in the Classroom

challenge HPA

INSET : Strategies to Challenge HPA Students


INSET : Supporting and Maintaining Well-being in School


INSET : Supporting Learners with Anxiety & EBSA

assertive teacher

INSET : The Assertive Teacher & School


INSET : Understanding Mindsets for Pupils and Parents

teenage brain

INSET : Understanding the Adolescent Brain


INSET : Wellbeing for Better Teaching

learning support practitioner

INSET Learning Support Practitioners Training

KS2 Maths

INSET: Developing Reasoning in KS2 Maths

KS1 Maths

INSET: Reasoning in EYFS and KS1 Maths

Personal Development

INSET: Achieving Excellence in Pupil Personal Development

cheerful diverse schoolgirls on sports ground

INSET: Actively Promoting Wellbeing of our Pupils

Adaptive teaching

INSET: Adaptive Teaching Strategies in the Classroom

Annual Safeguarding Training

INSET: Annual Safeguarding Training for School Staff


INSET: Anti-Bullying Strategies against Child on Child Abuse

INSET: Applying the Rosenshine Principles to the Classroom


INSET: Apprenticeship & Adult Skills Deep Dives

Teacher Burnout

INSET: Avoid & Deal with Teacher Burnout & Overwhelm

support staff

INSET: Behaviour Management for Support Staff


INSET: Boarding Compliance – National Minimum Standards

Boarding school Audit

INSET: Boarding School Staff CPD for ISI /BSO Inspection


INSET: Building a positive school DEI culture


INSET: Building a positive school EDI culture


INSET: Building confidence in KS3 & 4 Physics teaching

physics students

INSET: Challenging the most able Physics students

if you do not find the course you are looking for here please contact us.

Features of effective CPD courses

Whichever form your CPD course takes JMC evidence shows that the most effective CPD is that which is:

  • Personalised – i.e. built on the identified needs and requirements of the school rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.
  • Relevant – relates to your teaching theory and/ or subject specialism and the needs of your learners.
  • Sustained – New skills and ideas need time to take hold; experimentation and refinement is the best way to embed new ideas into your classroom practice.
  • Supported – by coaching or mentoring from experienced colleagues, either from within or from outside your school.
  • Collaborative – while teaching could be seen as a solitary profession, collaboration with your fellow teachers and colleagues has been identified as one of the most relevant features required for teacher learning.

We offer a range of courses for schools and colleges which can be booked for the teachers or support staff in your institution. Face to face workshops are delivered at your school and the expert-led webinars are delivered via Zoom.

Face to face courses & workshops to be booked for the staff in your school or college

Online expert-led webinars to be booked for staff in your school or college

Teaching and Learning courses to develop teacher pedagogy and expertise

EDI, Wellbeing and Mental Health courses

Pastoral care and safeguarding INSET