A great hands-on course with valuable messages of how to deepen reasoning in KS2 Maths with all abilities. The children are already reasoning at a deeper level in such a short space of time.

T Rennocks, Hoole Church of England Primary School

Reasoning in KS2 Maths

Reasoning is a crucial skill in KS2 maths. It is the ability to make logical links and connections which help you tackle a new maths problem. The skill of reasoning equips pupils not only with the ability to say how they will attempt to work out an answer, but why and how they can be sure it will work.

Why is teaching reasoning in Maths so important?

Research by Nunes (2009) identified the ability to reason mathematically as the most important factor in a pupil’s success in mathematics. It is therefore crucial that opportunities to develop mathematical reasoning skills are integrated fully into the curriculum. Such skills support deep and sustainable learning and enable pupils to make connections in mathematics’

KS2 Maths Reasoning questions

With a whole reasoning paper to face in KS2 Maths SATs, children will benefit from having every opportunity to develop their reasoning skills.

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Developing Reasoning in KS2 at a Mastery and Greater Depth level

This course will look at where reasoning sits within our primary mathematics curriculum. We will investigate what reasoning looks like at a mastery and at a greater depth level and how to confidently assess different levels of reasoning. In this course we will think about how to plan quality reasoning opportunities into teaching sequences to enable children to provide quality answers. We will also look at how to model and teach reasoning to our children using a range of strategies.

INSET Outline

  • What is reasoning and where does it fit into our overarching curriculum aims?
  • Why do we teach children to reason?
  • How do we build on reasoning from KS1?
  • What does reasoning look like at Mastery and Greater Depth?
  • How do we develop clear, succinct and logical reasoning responses?
  • How do we develop reasoning through questioning in whole class teaching?
  • Where does a quality reasoning question sit in a teaching sequence?
  • What types of reasoning questions can I write to fit the needs of my cohort?


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