So many great ideas that we cannot wait to put into practice!

K.Smith Nursery Manager, West Sussex

Our CPD & INSET for EYFS Nursery Schools

EYFS Nursery practitioners are key to the delivery of high quality childcare. Developing your staff and keeping them motivated ensures that they enhance vocabulary, build curiosity and engage children with delight and enthusiasm.

“Children need an inspirational environment that changes and includes quirky objects and things that lie outside the ordinary. They need to hear words that are strange and alluring, hear stories that open up new worlds of imagination and wonder; they need drama and songs, adventure and the great outdoors. These are what you can bring every single day. Think like a child to be like a child.”

Greg Bottrill , Author of ‘Can I Go and Play Now?: Rethinking the Early Years’

New ‘Development Matters’ for 2021

The first draft of the new Development Matters will be shared with a number of people across the sector over the Spring, with publication due in Summer. It is designed to reduce practitioner workload, reduce the disadvantage gap, and reflect the shift in research and evidence since the last document was published.

A framework like Development Matters is there as a guide, not replace a practitioner’s professional knowledge and experience.

High-quality CPD in the early years is so important.

Dr Julian Grenier , Lead on Development Matters & Head of Sheringham Nursery School

CPD: Investing in the future

Developing a learning culture requires a shared vision, enabling processes and structures, empowering managers to develop a motivated workforce, to encourage and sustain learning.

Even in the challenging circumstances that schools and nurseries are facing, to cut CPD spending would be one of the most counterproductive, short sighted and evidence-averse things a school could do.

High Quality Affordable CPD for Nursery Schools

So if you help decide what CPD the teachers at your school or nursery have access to, remember that, if done right, its benefits are wider reaching than we might first assume. JMC with its experienced EYFS trainers and practitioners is well placed to assist your Nursery with the professional development of your staff.

Please browse the course details below and get in touch to find out what makes us different and we can begin to create a truly bespoke solution for your school.

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Computational thinking

EYFS INSET : Computing and Coding in EYFS & Pre Prep

“Computational thinking is a fundamental skill for everyone, not just for computer scientists. To reading, writing, and arithmetic, we should add computational thinking to every child’s analytical ability.”Jeannette Marie Wing…

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Great Teaching

INSET : Consistently Great Teaching & Learning for ISI

Dispelling misconceptions, clarifying the criteria and sharing the theory and research behind the ISI approach. This course sets out what ISI defined excellent teaching looks like and how it can be identified and strengthened throughout the school.


INSET: Supporting Learners with Autism

” I wanted to write to say a huge thank you for the most inspiring and informative INSET. The approach was so refreshing, engaging and staff especially liked the personal…

holistic development

EYFS INSET : Holistic Development in Early Years

Relatable and refreshing training, that engaged and inspiredK.Payne,  Early Years Advisor What is Holistic Development? Holistic Development is an approach to learning that emphasises the importance of the physical, emotional…

School staff disciplinary investigations

School Staff Disciplinary Investigations

School leaders have a duty to know about correct HR procedures, to investigate complaints made by staff, and to take appropriate action using a disciplinary process.One of the early stages…


ECT INSET : The Early Career Teacher Toolkit

“To say that the ECT years of teaching are challenging would be an understatement. There are so many moving parts to manage and so many new things to learn that…

sustained shared thinking

EYFS INSET: Questioning Strategies to Develop Sustained Shared Thinking

For me Sustained Shared Thinking underpins the learning, the role of play, the role of teaching – it draws it all together.” Kathy Brodie, Early Years Author • Are you…

KS1 Maths

INSET: Reasoning in EYFS and KS1 Maths

Coming away from the KS1 Maths reasoning course I felt inspired to share the guidance and motivate staff at my school to integrate and teach reasoning. I love how we…


EYFS INSET : Achieving Outstanding Early Years Provision

Very informative, lots of thought provoking ideas Tanya Cross,  Assistant Head, Inglehurst Junior School Do you know what outstanding looks like in EYFS? Are you able to evidence it in…

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Action Research

Primary INSET : Primary Metacognition Strategies

“Excellent ideas for how to embed metacognition across the whole school” Catherine Brooks, Lead teacher on Metacognition, The Crypt School The Sutton Trust highlight how primary metacognition and self-regulation strategies add,…

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INSET : Self-care and Resilience Building for School Staff

Good Resilience helps avoid burn-out The day to day demands of being a teacher and working within a school environment can start to feel overwhelming. The pace of the job…

Most able

INSET : Embedding a Growth Mindset into your Classroom and School

‘Mindsets’, the simple but compelling idea put forward by Carol Dweck of Stanford University, has taken the US educational system by storm and challenged the way our Stateside colleagues view learning, talent and ability. Teachers and school leaders have found the approaches and practical tips suggested by mindsets theory have had a clear impact on the performance of learners in their classrooms.

assertive teacher

INSET : The Assertive Teacher & School

I found this course very uplifting. I’ve learnt many different strategies to enable me to be more confident and assertive teacher, and to develop assertiveness in my pupils. Dale James,…

Ofsted observations

Ofsted Training : The Ofsted Ready School

“Inspiring and knowledgeable” Claire Vickery, Head of DT, Buckler’s Mead Academy Ofsted has moved away from headline data to look instead at how schools are achieving these results, and whether…

Teaching Assistants

TA INSET: Unlocking the Potential of Teaching Assistants

“Thank you so much, really inspiring” Kim Colley & Carrie Russell, Teaching Assistants, Queen Elizabeth Hospital School INSET Outcomes Making best use of Teaching Assistants Based on the Education Endowment…

Early years

EYFS INSET : Inspire Children in Early Years Education

So many great ideas that we cannot wait to put into practice!K.Smith Nursery Manager, West Sussex There’s something exciting about watching a young child learn something new or do something…

EYFS INSET : Early Years Outdoor Education

The staff really enjoyed the day and are putting all the great outdoor education ideas into practice already! B.Lee Director, Ladybirds Nursery, St Albans The Benefits of Outdoor Education the…

INSET : Coaching Teachers & Leaders for Success

Instrumental in the development of teaching, learning and leadership and contributed significantly to the pace of the transformation from ‘Requires improvement’ (Ofsted July 2013) to an ‘Outstanding’ school (July 2017)….

Effective learning

EYFS INSET : Characteristics of Effective Learning in EYFS

Professional, knowledgeable, highly engaging and friendly approachSu Berkley, Assistant Head, Chew Magna Primary School How Children learn The how children learn is as important as the what they learn. It…


INSET : Independent Learning and Increasing Pupil Initiative

Very stimulating and thought provoking Carole Baber, Bedford Sixth Form College Independent learning is a method or process of learning that gives students ownership and control over their own growth. The…

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INSET : Wellbeing for Better Teaching

Thriving, not just surviving: Wellbeing for teachers at work and at home The number of teachers seeking mental health support has risen by 35% in the past 12 months. How…


INSET : Supporting and Maintaining Well-being in School

By learning more about how we build resilience and manage stress, communicate with colleagues and set boundaries, create a supportive work environment and develop healthy relationships in the workplace, amongst others, we can start to put in place measures that help us to manage stress more efficiently and become more resilient in both our domestic and personal lives, thus becoming more productive and efficient at work.