“Very relevant, practically applicable and accessible information on appraisal disseminated in an approachable, not threatening manner. I was impressed by the collective level of interest, motivation and focus generated”!

Georgina Masefield, Head Teacher, Northbridge House Senior School

Performance management skills for middle and senior leaders in schools

  • Do you understand the statutory requirements of performance management systems in schools?
  • How do we make sure your school is compliant?
  • Do middle leaders in your school feel confident evaluating teacher’s performance?
  • How do you feedback to teachers in the most effective way?
  • How can schools use appraisals to improve the quality of teaching and learning?

Appraisal and performance management are powerful tools for school and subject leaders. This course will look at getting the most out of the process without making it too time consuming for the staff involved.

Appraisal and feedback

Appraisal is at the heart of school development, it is the most powerful way to deliver your aims and values and enable your staff to grow and develop in their roles and responsibilities. This course explores how to design a bespoke system that will suit your school setting, applying a balance of rigor and accountability with professional development.

Effective appraisal enables leadership to flourish at every level. This course will explore the different ways we can support staff development and will clarify the difference.

This course could be offered as one to one or small group coaching.
JMC’s Leadership Coaching can be either face to face or online.
We have an extensive range of Primary/Secondary/Independent and International school leaders ready to act as your mentor or critical friend.
See Mentoring & Coaching


  • Be clear about the purpose of Appraisal
  • How to drive school vision with a personalised approach
  • Empower staff through lesson observation
  • Be confident with feedback
  • Enable leadership at all levels

INSET outline

Creating an effective appraisal system

  • Aims and values in practice
  • The appraisal cycle, step by step.
  • Running the appraisal meeting
  • Planning for difficult conversations
  • School development planning and self-evaluation
  • Line management

Monitoring the quality of teaching and learning in your school.

  • The bigger picture of learning
  • Whole school
  • Subject / Aspect Leadership
  • Gathering evidence – utilising all sources
  • Learn to use lesson observations and triangulate your judgements like an Ofsted or ISI Inspector
  • Observation for appraisal and observation for self evaluation

Giving feedback and using coaching techniques

  • Taking the fear out of feedback
  • Challenging conversations
  • A coaching approach
  • Effective feedback to move Teaching and Learning forwards in your school
  • Continued Professional Development

How to find out more about this Appraisal INSET

To register an interest or raise any questions about his course please use the enquiry form below or email us direct at enquiries@jmcinset.com

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