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Chris Leeman, Nottingham Girls High School

Our coaching and mentoring programmes for schools

The JMC commitment to your school development extends beyond the twilight training session or one day INSET event. We strongly believe that programmes of mentoring and coaching, over short or long term periods, can help give individual teachers, whole departments or leadership teams the enduring, prolonged investment and professional development to make a big difference.

School Based Coaching & Mentoring Programmes

We have a number of programmes which schools can organise for particular groups of staff in school :

Personalised Approach

We can also offer virtual expert led one-to-one support for individual teachers looking to improve their practice and middle or senior leaders in specific roles. These could extend to coaching a teaching department, year group or leadership team.

Examples of this might include the Chemistry Department looking to improve their value added at A level or the newly appointed School Compliance Officer looking to get up to speed with legislation or seeking advice on how to carry out an audit of the SCR in preparation for inspection.

We realise that both coaching and mentoring are very personal processes and would recommend the first step would be to get in touch with us and take advantage of our free consultancy offer to discuss your needs.

Executive Coaching for Headteachers & School Principals

We help future-proof leaders. Our programmes provide a confidential space to challenge thinking, encourage new habits and build on existing strengths.

Executive coaching provides a pause in their world of rapid action to step back, to review decisions, to process and to re-focus. We believe in strengths-based coaching and encourage sustainable practices to truly drive performance.

Women Leaders in Education

Its no secret that that women are still largely under-represented as Headteachers globally. Our coaches act as a sounding board. They are well-versed in the second-generation bias that can result in women being overlooked for challenging assignments and ultimately not considered as Headteacher material. Our coaches help female leaders to hone their purpose and vision and access deep-down confidence in expressing it. In doing this they help female leaders to be ideal role models for young women coming through the system.

BAME School leaders – breaking through the concrete ceiling

We offer coaching for new and aspiring black and ethnic minority head teachers.

Under four per cent of current school leaders are from BAME backgrounds: they describe their journey to headship as “hard,” “chaotic,” and “challenging,” says new research, despite being better-prepared than other candidates. Our coaches aim to redress this imbalance and empower our future leaders to bring about change in schools & their communities.

School leader Wellbeing Coaching

The current situation has caused extremely high levels of stress and many school leaders feel unprepared to cope with the emotional challenges they are facing on a daily basis during the Covid19 crisis. Headteacher Wellbeing Coaching or Deputy Head Wellbeing Coaching will allow SLT to focus on their own personal wellbeing , as well as learn strategies and advice that they can share with staff and support the personal development & mental health of the pupils.

To register an interest or raise any questions about any of the coaching options detailed on this page, or the links below, please use our Enquiries page.

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Coaching and Mentoring Programmes


INSET : Leading Effective Appraisal for Middle and Senior Leaders

“Attending the ‘Leading Effective Appraisal’ webinar has been a game-changer for me. The tips and practical advice significantly increased my confidence in conducting appraisals. I now see appraisals as a…

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INSET: Governors Training Programme

“The importance and significance of outstanding governance and leadership across our education system, in every school in England, has never been greater. The role of governors in defining and implementing…

Public speaking

INSET: Public Speaking for School Leaders

Before attending this training, public speaking was a source of anxiety for me. But after just one day, I emerged a transformed leader with newfound confidence and poise. I now…

emotional academic resilience

INSET : Developing Emotional Academic Resilience for your pupils

“Our Launchpad Students have had Emotional Academic Resilience training for several years. It is a key part of our strategy to help retain students, and then equip them for the…

learning behaviours

INSET: Coaching Learning Behaviours /Dispositions in Pupils

Ask any group of teachers or school leaders what the habits of good learners are and they will generally reach a consensus. But teachers do not feel as confident in…

Middle Leaders Mentorship Programme

Thank you for your work on improving middle leaders….a well-planned and thought-provoking session which received very good feedback. Geraint Jones, Director of Education Cognita Schools UK & Europe The JMC…

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behaviour management coaching

Behaviour Management Coaching for Secondary Schools

Your behaviour management coaching had a very high impact on my teaching, and I do not have enough words to thank you. Anka, Mathematics teacher, The Cooperative Academy, North Manchester…

Deputy Head Wellbeing

SLT & Deputy Head Wellbeing & Resilience Coaching

We found the sessions with our safeguarding team particularly useful as it enabled the members of staff to articulate their concerns and anxieties . JMC then helped this team build…

Headteacher wellbeing

Headteacher Wellbeing & Resilience Coaching Programme

As a school leader, these sessions have helped me understand the impact of my leadership style upon others so that I can adjust expectations accordingly. David Fann, Associate Headteacher, Larkholme…

Executive coaching

Executive Coaching for Headteachers & School Principals

Being appointed as a new Principal was a daunting challenge, however the mentoring and guidance were superb from the start. The technical expertise accompanied by an exceptional coaching approach were…

Resilience Coaching

Teacher & TA Resilience Coaching Programme

The trauma of the present COVID19 pandemic has hit teachers & teaching assistants hard and is further compounded with further lockdowns and restrictive social distancing measures across the country and…

Action Research

Action Research Project: Teaching Innovation

“Engagement levels and marks in the longer written responses have both improved.” Heather Garland, Head of Faculty, St John Plessington Innovation Programme Outline 1) Based on a firm foundation of…

Indpependent School Leadership

School Proprietors : Leading an Independent School

Many school owners or school proprietors find themselves in a school leadership role with very little educational experience, this is especially true in small independent schools or international schools. This…

assertive teacher

INSET : The Assertive Teacher & School

I found this course very uplifting. I’ve learnt many different strategies to enable me to be more confident and assertive teacher, and to develop assertiveness in my pupils. Dale James,…

leadership coaching

Leadership Coaching for Middle Leaders

I would highly recommend the coach from JMC. They were extremely engaged, professional and insightful, and they helped me move forward with positive actions towards reaching my goals. The JMC…

Teacher resilience

INSET: Teacher Resilience Advantage Workshop

The interactive training will provide participants with simple and effective techniques to ‘bio-hack’ their stress reactions allowing them to think clearly under pressure, take charge of life’s challenges and recharge…

INSET : Coaching Teachers & Leaders for Success

Instrumental in the development of teaching, learning and leadership and contributed significantly to the pace of the transformation from ‘Requires improvement’ (Ofsted July 2013) to an ‘Outstanding’ school (July 2017)….

Senior leader

SLT Coaching : Complete toolkit for a Senior Leader

“wealth of practical tips based on real life experiences” L.Betts HOD, Gresham Prep school Proven strategies for excelling as a Senior Leader in your school One of the signs of…

Leadership Programme

SLT Programme: Strategic Leadership

The feedback from the middle leaders and SLT was overwhelmingly positive, they loved being able to share ideas and raise their concerns Svetlana Bajic-Raymond, Deputy Head, Cotham School The Strategic…

teacher coaching

Transformational Teacher Coaching Programme

Our coaching programme for class teachers is designed to help your school tangibly improve key areas within the school by the use teacher coaching and mentoring by an experienced advanced skills consultant. It is a structured, sustained process with a self-selected group of teachers across your school to enable them to embed new knowledge and skills from specialist consultants in day-to-day practice.

academic leadership

SLT Coaching : Outstanding Academic Leadership

This ‘hands-on’ course looks at the criteria and processes that school leadership will need to both understand and apply to be graded outstanding/excellent within the inspection framework. The course highlights and explores many of the features of excellent provision and will offer delegates practical and applicable examples to make an instant impact within their own schools.

Stress Management

SLT Coaching : Stress Management for School Leaders

Stress Management and Resilience Building: The Lead Team guide Why is it important that leaders have a good understanding of stress and resilience for themselves? Why do people become stressed…

Middle leadership

Middle leaders coaching : Moving on to Middle Leadership

“Very inspiring”- Silvana Cardoso, Teacher, Francis Holland School Middle leadership training for new HOD’s and Head’s of Year Do you need a middle leaders training programme in your school? How…

departmental leadership

Middle leaders coaching : Outstanding Departmental Leadership

Leading the Teaching and Learning in your subject area, key stage or department. “Almost all successful leaders draw on the same repertoire of basic leadership practices“ NCSL Departmental leadership This…