The trauma of the present COVID19 pandemic has hit teachers & teaching assistants hard and is further compounded with further lockdowns and restrictive social distancing measures across the country and the world. Never has it been more important to equip teachers and support staff with actionable strategies and advice to use immediately for themselves and in working with and supporting children, parents, and families during these difficult times.

Resilience Coaching Programme Aims

This is remote, private 1:1 resilience coaching where the participant and the coach work through simple, practical techniques that help them de-stress from challenging situations. Individuals will learn science-based techniques that help change the way the body’s physiology responds in stressful situation.

The primary objective of the coaching programme is to provide strategies that encourage and support an effective and sustainable practice of energy and stress management skills. This increases the ability for individuals to self-regulate and sustain their composure and balance as they face the day-to-day challenges in their professional and personal lives.

Emphasis is placed on a system of science based, coherence building skills designed to help bring their physical, mental, and emotional systems into balance. This process increases self-awareness and builds and sustains resilience by enhancing the individual’s ability to self-regulate their energy more intelligently, which directly affects performance and personal fulfilment.

Exploring the energy-management concepts helps individuals see where they may be draining their energy and depleting their reserves, which can keep them from being at their best. Individuals may discover in some cases the source of their stress is not what it may appear to be.

Resilience Coaching Programme Outline:

The coaching programme includes both theory and practical based learning, for the individual to get them most out of the programme it is recommend they utilise the Inner Balance™ feedback device which serves as training aid to support practice. It shows, in real-time, their level of coherence, allowing them to gain an understanding of how coherence feels. It also shows the individual how quickly they can shift from an incoherent state to a more coherent state and then how long they can maintain it.

Please note, the technology is by no means essential to the coach programme however it is recommended.

Recommended duration of coaching

Four online sessions are recommended as a starting point. Delivery of sessions a week to 10 days apart is optimal.

Coaching Session 1

  • Establish short term goals and establish what gets in the way
  • Introduction to resilience and the key concepts of the 4 domains
  • Introduce energy drains and energy gains
  • Learn an initial technique to reduce energy drains

Coaching Session 2

  • Review progress and discuss challenges, insights, breakthroughs, and increased awareness
  • Introduce coherence
  • Learn another technique
  • Introduce the 3 strategies – Prep, Shift & Reset, Sustain and the Depletion to Renewal guide

Coaching Session 3

  • Review progress and deep dive into drama and communication issues
  • Utilise grid to evaluate progress on achieving goals
  • Introduce a technique designed to enhance decision making
  • Refocus on goals

Coaching Session 4

  • Learn a technique that can be used in the moment for gaining clarity and stopping energy drains
  • Deep dive into effective communication in challenging times
  • Learn a technique that brings coherence into communication
  • Goal setting

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