Your behaviour management coaching had a very high impact on my teaching, and I do not have enough words to thank you.

Anka, Mathematics teacher, The Cooperative Academy, North Manchester

Why Behaviour Management Coaching?

At different times in their careers, teachers may struggle to strike the right note with pupils. Learning to balance warmth with firmness, learning to be authoritative and at the same time approachable, are difficult skills to master. The repertoire of behaviour management tips known to most staff will have limited impact if a teacher is not focussed on who they are in the classroom, at least as much as on what they do.

Our coaching addresses the person and the persona, supporting teachers’ self-knowledge that enabling them to lead behaviour effectively.

Personalised Coaching to suit the individual teacher

This is a bespoke service, tailored to the individual, so the topics addressed will vary from colleague to colleague. Here are some of the topics that frequently arise:

  • How to model the behaviour you want to see
  • How to build relationships with pupils
  • How to be a trustworthy, authoritative figure
  • How to use language that de-escalates
  • How to establish yourself in the first five minutes of a lesson
  • How to teach behaviour effectively

The service we offer is friendly and constructive. Our aim is that this should be a positive and developmental experience for the staff involved.

How does Behaviour management coaching work?

We’ll visit for a full day, meeting early with the relevant SLT member to discuss the staff and the context for the work.

We believe that successful schools are built through positive relationships and this is reflected in the way that we deliver our behaviour management coaching sessions. We strive to ensure that each individual finds this to be a positive and transformational experience.

We’ll then carry out lesson visits with up to six staff during the day. Ideally, we’ll see them with KS3 classes, for up to 30 minutes each. Then we’ll meet with them later in the day during a non-contact period or after school. They’ll also receive written feedback.

This activity is best booked as a series of visits, so that staff have the chance to address the identified areas for development that to receive further feedback on their progress.

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