At JMC Education we offer a bespoke International School consultancy services to support setting up a school overseas. Our international Schools team are former school leaders specialising in the foundation, development and support of international schools.

British Schools overseas are a rapidly expanding market. As a trusted international brand they are both attractive to expatriates living abroad and locals wishing to enrol their children into a proven and successful education system.

We offer training and support in all areas of British schools overseas. This can be delivered as a package or can be tailored to suit your own school.

International School Consultancy Services

The areas we offer expertise, training and support are as follows:

International School Consultancy: Set up

Supporting the appointment of design and construction partners.

Working with Senior Managers and Proprietors / Governors /Trustees to ensure their wishes and desires are built into the design process.

International School Safeguarding and safer recruitment

Support with all policies and procedures including child protection and the single central register.

International School Governance, leadership and management

Support with training governors and school leaders in the British Education system.

International School Admissions

Supporting you in developing an admissions policy and procedures.

International School Marketing and pupil recruitment

Developing effective and cost friendly strategies for increasing pupil numbers.

International School Action, development and vision planning

Creating and sharing a vision for the school which is shared by all pupils, parents and staff.

International School Accreditation and Inspection

Our associates are experienced accreditors and inspectors and will be able to support you in preparation for inspection and accreditation visits.


We are able to support you in writing an effective set of policies for your school in all areas of school management.

Effective Overseas Recruitment

Developing recruitment policies and strategies to attract, and retain, staff of the highest quality.

Curriculum design and implementation. Assessment, Teaching and Learning

We are able to support you in developing a bespoke curriculum for your school, blending the National Curriculum with the best in international practice as well as integrating your own local context.

Appraisal and Continuing Professional Development programmes

We can offer appraisal for head teachers with trained mentors as well as supporting the school in developing a comprehensive appraisal and CPD programme for the whole staff.

British Values

This is a key area that schools are inspected and accredited on. We are able to support you through integrating British values in all areas of the curriculum.

Partnership with Parents

We are able to develop a comprehensive programme to support and develop your relationships with parents, including workshops, surveys and events.

Project Management

We can provide training for Senior Managers and Proprietors / Governors /Trustees in project management and support any building or developmental project through to fruition.

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