Do you want a school building that adds value to the Education you provide?

What’s your situation?

  1. Are you planning a new school in an existing building?
  2. Are you a new school and constructing new premises?
  3. Are you an existing school planning a new building?
  4. Do you have plans to remodel/renovate an existing building?

We can guide and support you with any of the above. 

Our drive is to ensure you have facilities that are fit for the learning you wish to provide but realistically appreciating the financial, time and any other constraints that may exist. This involves a strategic and integrated approach to the design of new or refurbished school buildings. The aim is to meet changing needs, to provide safe and healthy environments and ensure inclusion and access for all.

We are educationalists with experience of major and minor school building projects.  That means we understand how to get a building to support and enhance the delivery of the curriculum.

We can even help designing a curriculum and scheduling to exploit the opportunities a building can provide.

JMC will help with the development of your master plan and beyond.

This means:

  1. Working with all stakeholders such as students, teachers, parents.
  2. Supporting the appointment of design and construction partners.
  3. Working with Senior Managers and Governors/Trustees to ensure their wishes and desires are built into the design process.
  4. Help to coordinate the whole project.

Are you a prospective school proprietor or school owner looking to set up a new international school?

Consider our International School Start-up Consultancy

School Building and Site development

We can also offer a one day INSET.

In advance of a building project, we can support you by highlighting the actions the senior team may wish to consider before embarking on an exciting school development.  Be prepared for all the consultants and experts you are going to have to work with and ensure you get the maximum from then to bring your project to fruition.

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