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Christine Rowlands, Vice Principal DSL, Sha Tin College, Hong Kong

Every child has the right to live and learn in conditions that promote optimum development and protect them from harm. Keeping children safe is a challenge in any school, but international schools have extra challenges to overcome. In recent years there have been incidents of child safety breaches within international schools that have shocked the international education community. These incidents led to a new set of ‘enhanced’ standards adopted by the accreditation and assessment agencies for International Schools.

COBIS/BSO Standards for international Schools can be found here

Every school has the responsibility to ensure that safeguarding is a key priority and responsibilities are well understood by all.

How can we help you with safeguarding in your international context?

Full Safeguarding Audit

Aim – to ensure that you have the necessary policy and practices in place to provide a safe environment for all.

What does this include?

  • Review of policy documentation, ensuring compliance with legislation
  • Review of procedures, including:
  • Education and training for all stakeholders
  • Recruitment
  • Admissions and school transfer
  • Online and distance learning protocols
  • Peer-on-peer guidance
  • Case management
  • Secure record-keeping
  • Identification of strengths and focus areas
  • Written report and feedback session for the DSL, Head Teacher and other designated stakeholders
  • Developing an action plan to support continuous review and best practice

How will this be conducted

  • An objective perspective, making use of researched best practice
  • Focus groups with staff, students and parents
  • Scenario discussion
  • Follow-up strategic planning with key leaders

Safeguarding Workshops

These can be offered individually or in combination to meet identified school needs.

  • Safeguarding and Child Protection – Understanding your Role and Responsibilities
  • Whole staff Refresher
  • Offline and Online – Helping Students to Stay Safe
  • Peer-on-Peer – Ensuring safe, supportive relationships for all

“Built capacity with our DSLs to audit, improve and evaluate the standards all should be working to.”

Chris Sammons, Principal, West Island School, Hong Kong


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