A proactive approach to complaints management is advisable for teachers and school leaders , rather than find themselves on the back foot when a grievance is raised. There has been a rising volume and complexity of complaints schools are handling ever since the pandemic. It is clear from Browne Jacobson’s spring 2024 School Leaders Survey that a broad range of issues are being raised, with support for special education needs, and behaviour and discipline cited by 20 per cent of schools that receive complaints. Other grievances relate to equality, discrimination and transgender issues (12 per cent), parental responsibility (10 per cent) and safeguarding (7 per cent).

Who is this complaints management course for?

  • School leaders
  • Heads of Year
  • Behaviour lead
  • Attendance officer
  • Pupil Premium lead

Effective complaints management is essential for fostering positive relationships with parents and carers, ensuring a smooth and supportive school environment. This course will help you manage complaints sustainably, reduce your workload, and maintain a culture of collaboration and trust.

INSET Outline

Understanding the Complaints Management Procedure

  • Overview of the informal, formal, and panel hearing stages.
  • Importance of documentation and confidentiality.
  • Strategies for early resolution of concerns to prevent escalation.

Practical Approaches to Complaints Management

  • Techniques for distinguishing between concerns and complaints.
  • Effective communication strategies to address and resolve complaints.
  • Handling complaints fairly and impartially, ensuring a thorough investigation.

Enhancing Communication and Building Trust with Parents and Carers

  • Proactive engagement with parents through regular updates and transparent communication.
  • Building trust by responding promptly and effectively to concerns and complaints.
  • Strategies for maintaining open lines of communication and fostering a positive school culture.

Training and Support for Staff

  • Capacity building through targeted training for school leaders, trustees, governors, and classroom staff.
  • Innovative solutions such AI-powered complaints tools.
  • Delegation and coordination to manage workload effectively.

In Summary

  • Review of key points covered throughout the session.
  • Strategies for ongoing improvement in complaints management.
  • Opportunities for questions and discussion.


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