“Very impressed indeed with the meticulous nature of the compliance audit, the quality of feedback and manner in which it was delivered.”

Jonny Timms, Headmaster, Walhampton School

MAT, Academy & School Compliance Audits

Educational institutions must meet and observe a wide variety of guidelines and regulations set by both government agencies and nongovernmental associations in order to receive financial support and maintain accreditation.

Compliance Audits in Independent Schools

What really matters to the DfE is whether or not schools are compliant with all the regulations by which they are bound. However different from each other independent schools may be, they should be absolutely united in their compliance with the Independent School Standards and Regulations (ISSR) and – for boarding schools – the National Minimum Standards (NMS).

What is included in a Compliance Audit? 

Our inspection team will carry out an onsite visit, meeting with the School Compliance Officer and other relevant members of your team.

This visit will:

Ensure full compliance with current legislation:

  • Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE)
  • Prevention of illegal working (Home Office)
  • GDPR (Data Protection)
  • Equality Act (2010)

Typically the visit will involve:

  • Discussion around best practice with current processes.
  • Review of electronic Single Central Record.
  • Review of sample files.
  • Review of all employees who are subject to immigration control.
  • Review of associated documents.

Boarding Compliance & NMS

If you are a boarding school you may consider a need for an audit of your National Minimum Standards (NMS) for Boarding Schools.  This would include a site visit to your boarding houses, meeting your house staff and Pastoral/Boarding Lead and discussing boarding with your Head.  The team would also meet with a group of boarding pupils to discover their views of boarding within your school.

Compliance Audit Report

The Inspection Team will give verbal feedback to the HeadTeacher, School Compliance Officer and other relevant members of the SLT during the visit.

After the visit we will follow up with a full written report which can be presented to the Governing Body.

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Alternatively our Inspection team could deliver a training session for the School Compliance Officer and other members of the SLT and school administration team.

JMC Inspection Team
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