Compliance & Safeguarding Training Webinars

Safeguarding training

Our expert-led webinars are available for schools to book for their leaders and staff as a 1 or 2 hour tailored and interactive Zoom sessions which would be suitable for an after-school twilight in existing staff meeting time.

They can be booked now to be delivered at an arranged time ideally in July – September 2022 ready for the new academic year.

Safeguarding Training for schools

Schools have a statutory requirement to provide all new staff with safeguarding training as part of their induction and should regularly update all staff members on child protection and safeguarding. “Regularly” means “as required, and at least annually”.

KCSIE 2022 Update & Compliance – get up to date on the latest changes to KCSIE

Tackling Sexual Harassment and Peer on Peer Abuse in schools

ISI & Ofsted will be inspecting your school’s approach to tackling sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools. In order to be judged as having effective safeguarding, its essential that you are prepared.

RSE & SMSC Curriculum Compliance

Independent schools are required to plan and strategise for the development of pupils’ ‘spiritual, moral and cultural awareness’. Make sure your Relationships and Sex Education curriculum is compliant

Need an expert view of your policies or procedures? Have you thought about booking one of our inspection team members to carry out an audit ? Find out more about our Boarding , Safeguarding and Compliance audits by clicking on this link

JMC Inspection Team

Inspection Compliance webinars for schools

All independent schools in the UK are required to meet the Independent School Standards Regulations. They’re all inspected against these standards by the relevant authority, be it the ISI or Ofsted. They must meet all the paragraphs of the Independent School Standards to maintain their registration with the DfE.

Understanding the ISSRs – understand the Independent Schools Standards Regulations fully

Documentation for ISI Inspections – preparing for inspection? Make sure you know what the inspectors will expect to see.

Whole School Regulatory Compliance – preparing teaching & support staff for a RCI

The National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools – get up to date on the latest changes to the NMS

Governors’ webinars

Getting ISI Inspection Ready for Governors – prepare the governing body for ISI

Understanding the ISSRs for Governors – make sense of the Independent Schools Standards Regulations

Safeguarding for Governors – understand your role as a governor

These expert-led webinars are an ideal way to tailor training to specific members of staff and to understand and meet the statutory requirements.

They can be booked for all staff / Governors, new staff or specific teams or individuals as 1 on 1 mentoring sessions in key areas of concern.

020 8531 4152

020 8531 4152

020 8531 4152

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