This expert-led NMS webinar is available for UK schools and Accredited BSO schools to book for their boarding leaders and staff as a 1 or 2 hour interactive Zoom session.

This webinar is appropriate for boarding staff, leaders, or compliance officers in boarding and for governors who are keen to take an interest and understand the responsibility the school has towards using these standards to raise the profile of the quality of boarding and to understand the benchmarks.

What are the benefits of booking this INSET for your staff?

The NMS was re-appraised in the UK 2022 when the new standards were brought in. The National Minimum Standards are also applicable to Accredited BSO schools.

Schools are inspected against the standards to determine if there is satisfactory compliance with the legal obligation to safeguard and promote the welfare of boarders. In carrying out the inspection, the role of the inspectorate is to determine the extent to which the school promotes and safeguards the welfare of all boarders.  This webinar will consider the issues & implications relating to compliance and inspection.

NMS & KCSIE 2023

The NMS take into account changes in the KCSIE which is updated annually as well as other bodies such as the Ofsted review into sexual abuse in schools.

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JMC Inspection Team

Learning Outcomes from this NMS INSET

  • Understanding the National Minimum Standards for Boarding in England
  • NMS Compliance implications for your school
  • Guidance on key policies, documents and records to be kept by the school
  • Give guidance on the school’s role and its key responsibilities for the staff and leaders in various boarding settings
  • To give constructive advice as to leading the new requirements forward into practice in the boarding setting
  • To help encourage thoughts on developing systems, policies and procedures to instil the NMS requirements into the setting
  • An opportunity to share good practice with others in similar schools and settings

This course will offer practical advice to enhance your school’s response to the updated standards and apply them in practice to the work your staff already undertake.

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