ISI INSET: Documentation for ISI Inspections

ISI Inspections

An ideal combination to deal with the challenge of ISI inspections. 

Mr J Whybrow, Headmaster, Amesbury School

INSET aims:

  • To help you to develop a familiarity with the key policies and documents required in ISI inspections.
  • about how to store these papers for easy access by inspectors and your team.
  • To encourage you to think about developing a schedule so that all your papers are systematically kept up to date.

Suitable for: Heads and their teams involved at senior management or senior leadership level in preparing, reviewing and accessing the documentation required for successful ISI inspections.

Preparing for ISI Inspections

ISI’s documentation tells us that, ‘the inspection visit is only one part of the inspection process. Inspection begins some considerable time before that when inspectors begin the scrutiny of the school’s documentation. This early work ensures that schools can benefit from informed early discussion with their Reporting Inspector (RI) and enables inspectors to arrive at the school well prepared and ready to begin their work with staff and pupils.’ So, it follows that securing the best possible inspection outcomes begins with your team knowing what documents and policies are needed and making it as easy as possible for the inspectors to find the information they require to make their judgements.

Using a Reporting Inspector’s Expertise

Presented by a Reporting Inspector, this course will guide you through all the documentation needed for a positive inspection result, including regulatory policies and other documents which must be available to the inspection team. Using the presenter’s experience, personal anecdotes and ISI policy documentation, we will also look at helpful strategies for effective storage and access of these key documents as well as looking at how your team can ensure that everything is kept up to date as pupils and staff change within the school and regulations outside the school are amended each year. There will be the opportunity for questions to be asked and self-reflection to take place.

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