An Outstanding Session on ISSR Compliance

Jacqueline Jenkins, Chair of the Advisory Board and School Inspector, Merton Court School

Are you expecting an inspection from ISI or Ofsted? Both these frameworks have increased the significance of the role of Governors, ultimately taking responsibility for any of the ISSR’s which are ‘not met’.

What happens if your school fails to meet any of the ISSRs? Contact JMC , we can help you produce an action plan and response for the DfE, as well as prepare the school for the next monitoring inspection. Find out more here.

JMC Inspection team

Book this CPD session for your Governors, Trustees or Board members where we will explore:

  • What aspects of school are inspected on a regulatory compliance inspection?
  • What will we need to prove compliance?
  • What will inspectors be looking for?

This course is aimed at governors , trustees , board members and proprietors of independent schools inspected by ISI or Ofsted. It is suitable for Governors of HMC, GSA, IAPS, ISA, Society of Heads or AGBIS Schools inspected by ISI as well as Non-Association Independent Schools which are inspected by Ofsted.

Independent Schools ISSR Compliance

In their documentation, ISI tell us that, ‘inspections are designed to make clear the extent to which the school meets or does not meet the various ISSRs the NMS for boarding schools, the EYFS statutory requirements, and other legislation as applicable.’ There are almost 30 key areas involved in a standard inspection and in many cases each of these is subject to a range of specific regulations. If your school has an EYFS provision or has boarding, there will be many more! How do Governors know where to start?

Common Compliance Pitfalls

In this introductory webinar will offer an overview of the key aspects your school Governing body need to be aware of and some of the common pitfalls to help you audit your provision. We cannot go through every standard and regulation but by the end of this course, you will have all the information you need to know where to look next to complete a self-analysis of your readiness for a compliance inspection.


We will guide you through the Independent Schools Standards Regulations (ISSRs). We include reference to the National Minimum Standards for Boarding (NMS) and the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation (EYFS) (though not the OFSTED framework for inspecting registered settings for children under two years of age). This will include an exploration of academic and pastoral policy areas plus safeguarding, health and safety and how you interact with stakeholders, to show the effectiveness of governance, leadership and management.

Is your school due an ISI Inspection in 2024?

JMC provide comprehensive mock inspections, each of our teams are led by an experienced Reporting Inspector. 

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JMC Inspection Team

“Very helpful and professional , as a Head I would recommend to any school for a focused compliance inspection review.”

Mr G Emmett, Head of Scarborough College

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