If you are a Proprietor or part of the Governing body of an Independent School in England you will have responsibilities to ensure that your school is adhering to the expectations of parents, pupils and also the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate who work under the auspices of The Department for Education.  The ISI work towards the same excellent outcomes as you and your staff will be and understanding what to expect from an inspection, enables you and your staff to be prepared to deal with anything that comes up calmly and confidently.  You will be familiar with The Independent School Standard Regulations (ISSR) and if you are a boarding school, the National Minimum Standards for Boarding (NMS) and this training will enable you to recognise the links that are made between the practical aspects of running the school and the inspection process.

Who will the training be aimed at?

This course is aimed at governors , trustees , board members and proprietors of association independent schools inspected by ISI. It is suitable for the Governing body of HMCGSAIAPSISASociety of Heads or AGBIS Schools and, if considered necessary, the Senior Leadership Team (although it will be made clear that their role will be different to that of the Governing Body).

What will the training offer the Governing body?

All teaching, support staff and, of course, yourselves will be concerned about an impending inspection and the questions that you may be asked during the inspection process.  There are processes to an inspection and expectations of you, on the Governing Body, as well as your staff. You may each have taken on a responsibility for a specific area of the school and this training will assist you in knowing what the inspection will demand of you.

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INSET outline

  1. What type of routine and non routine inspections are there?
  2. Who will inspect you?
  3. What exactly is the process of an inspection?
  4. What responsibilities do you have?
  5. Being prepared
  6. Identifying any concerns prior to an inspection
    • Campus safety
    • Boarding pupils’ whereabouts
    • Health and Safety


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