‘(the headteacher appraisal was) a mixture of guidance and challenge, which was exactly what was needed as the role of Principal becomes ever more burdensome.’

Dr Daniel Sturdy, Principal, Wotton House School.

Headteacher Appraisal and the law

  • In maintained schools – statutory under The Education (School Teachers’ Appraisal)
    (England) Regulations 2012
  • In academy trusts & independent schools – non-statutory, but clear expectations within Handbook, Competency Framework, and ISI/ Ofsted framework…..and why wouldn’t you?

The DfE have created non-statutory guidance called the Headteachers Standards ( 2020). These are intended to be interpreted in the context of each individual headteacher and school.

The world of education is constantly changing.  Expectations of school leaders are increasing all the time. 

So how do we ensure that the best appointments are made and then Heads remain resilient and sustain great practice in changing times?

Sometimes even great leadership teams need a little extra help. A ‘critical friend’ or ‘external advisor’ to accompany for a short while – to provide a fresh perspective on ‘what-went-well’ and the expertise and experience to help take action on the ‘even-better-if’.  Someone objective but supportive: an expert trainer and facilitator who can also be the Head’s confidential sounding board, and help with almost any aspect of school leadership or management. 

Should we involve an external advisor in the process?

  • In maintained schools – statutory under The Education (School Teachers’ Appraisal)
    (England) Regulations 2012
  • In academy trusts & independent schools– non-statutory, but clear expectation within Handbook and ISI /Ofsted framework that there are rigorous and robust processes in place.

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JMC Executive Coaching Team

360-degree approach to Headteacher Appraisal

A 360-degree performance management approach can be extremely valuable, involving a range of stakeholders, which can focus on, as required:

  • the Head’s vision and personal qualities
  • leadership style
  • strategy and financial understanding
  • decision-making and communication skills
  •  managing and developing people
  •  learning, teaching and achievement
  •  inspection requirements for leadership and management
  • The Head’s self-appraisal.

Governors and Trustees have a vital role in providing the Head with the right level of support and challenge which a formal system for monitoring performance can enhance. 

We offer a practical expert resource to help out just when you need it; to share expertise and current best practice; to help sharpen focus on the urgent and the most critical; and to support the confidence and competence of the Head.

‘You provided a real focus to take us forward… I feel so relieved that you totally endorsed our opinion of  x:  this genuinely takes us into a new era!’

Niki Molyneux, Former Chair of Governors, Gidea Park School.
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