Post 16 INSET : Outstanding Learning & Progress in 6th Form

6th form

“Feedback has been extremely positive about last night’s training – ‘One colleague even described it as “life changing”.

Andy Backwell, Head of 6th Form, Malmesbury School

A practical guide on high impact teaching strategies for 6th form students

  • Do you apply the full range of teaching strategies at Post 16?
  • Do you understand the current Ofsted criteria Outstanding provision Post 16?
  • How do you personalise learning and differentiate for this age range?
  • How do teachers make the most of marking and feedback at A level?

Ofsted has regularly condemned the quality of teaching and learning in the 6th form. Numerous thematic and school inspections have criticised the quality of teaching for being “overly didactic” and “uninspiring”. Under the Ofsted 2019 Framework schools are given a separate judgement for their 6th forms.

Should 6th Formers be taught as Pupils or Students?

Most post-16 teachers believe that A level students should be treated more as adults than as traditional students. And adults, research such as Illeris’ Three Dimensions of Learning Model claims, are different from children when it comes to their motivations for learning.

“(Post-16 students) learn what they want to learn and what is meaningful for them to learn. (They) are not very inclined to learn something they are not interested in, or in which they cannot see the meaning or importance.”

Prof K. Illeris, University of Education, Copenhagen

This highly interactive and practical course will allow participants to ensure that students achieve their full potential in sixth form teaching. High impact, age-specific teaching strategies will be demonstrated and the essential ingredients required to ensure that students achieve the best grades possible; as well as incorporating the results of research into what students say makes an outstanding lesson.

INSET Outline

Outstanding 6th form Provision

• Reviewing research into what students say makes an outstanding post 16 lesson.
• Analysing  the range of sources teachers need to use to improve the quality of their A Level teaching.
• Considering the Ofsted grade descriptors in relation to the 6th form.
• Applying a range of teaching strategies that can be used in the 6th form.
• Considering the importance of assessment and types of feedback and how it can be effectively managed.

This INSET training has directly resulted in schools significantly increasing their Average Point Score per student and per subject.

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