INSET: Promoting SMSC across the School Curriculum


Before making the final judgement on overall effectiveness, inspectors will always consider the SMSC development of pupils …


Pupils’ Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development has been important since its inception in 1944. Schools now have a statutory requirement to teach Relationships (and Sex) and Health Education. How do we ensure high-quality SMSC and ‘British Values’ in the COVID, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and post-Brexit era ? And how do we make sure that these are properly embedded throughout the curriculum?

  • So what does high-quality SMSC look like across the curriculum?
  • How does R(S)HE / PSHE link in ?
  • What will ISI or Ofsted expect?
  • Why might this be important in a post-COVID, #BLM and post-Brexit world?
  • How does this link to attainment and school improvement?

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INSET Outcomes

Booking this course will enable your staff to understand and explain to colleagues:

  • The rationale for high quality SMSC
  • Linking in R(S)HE and ‘British Values’
  • Developing SMSC & FBV across the curriculum
  • How to we manage local, national and international values?
  • What do ISI or Ofsted expect?
  • How does this link to attainment and school improvement?

Clear Approaches and Strategies to SMSC across the Curriculum

This course is practical and interactive. Teachers will leave with a clear set of strategies and interventions to lead and develop it across their school

INSET Outline

School Identity

  • What is our identity?
  • What do we mean by values?
  • What does it mean to be British?

SMSC & Related Policy context

How to make sense of, and understand the links between:

  • The Equality act (2010)
  • Prevent strategy (2011)
  • Teachers standards (2011)
  • SMSC (2013)
  • Promoting fundamental British values as part of SMSC (2014)
  • Character benchmarks (2019)
  • Relationships (and sex) and health education (2020)
  • What measurable impact might the impact of SMSC and FBV?

What does this mean for my teaching?

How might we celebrate being British?

  • What are British values?
  • Concerns and contradictions

Should we always support ‘British’ values?

  • Values in a ‘post truth world’
  • Are these not ‘universal values?
  • British values in a terrorist-threatened society?
  • How do we teach British values post Brexit?

What about ISI and Ofsted?

Looking ahead

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