PSHEE INSET : Statutory Sex & Relationship Education ( SRE) for 2020


“Excellent! Very clear and direct. Covered a lot of content in an engaging manner. The course also helped me with SRE strategies.”

Adam Tyson, Housemaster & Head of Wellbeing, UCS Hampstead 

What’s changing in SRE?

“Relationship and Sex Education is compulsory for all pupils (in England) receiving secondary education …”
Statutory Guidance June 2019

From September 2020 all secondary schools will be required to build on primary-level Relationship education deliver ‘relationships and sex education’ in England.

  • But what does this statutory duty require a school to cover and how should schools prepare these changes?
  • What are schools required to include in a sex education programme?
  • How much flexibility will schools have?
  • What content is compulsory?
  • How do schools engage with parents?
  • A written policy for RSE will become mandatory. But what does a good Relationship and Sex education policy look like?

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Why are these changes in SRE being made?

The DfE has said, “Through these subjects, we want to support all young people to be happy, healthy and safe – we want to equip them for adult life and to make a positive contribution to society.”

Attending this course will enable delegates to:

  • Understand the context, principles and practice for teaching high quality Relationship Education
  • Agree what their school’s RSE policy should include
  • Become familiar with exemplar materials and approaches
  • To be equipped to answer questions from learners, colleagues and parents
  • To be confident in working with sensitive issues
  • Use the practical strategies and schemes of work in school
  • Identify a developmental approach to the topics which need to be studied
  • To experience and share some interactive teaching/learning techniques

Clear Approaches and Strategies

This course is highly practical and interactive. Teachers will leave with a clear set of strategies and interventions which they can adopt in their teaching of SRE.

Inset Outline

The statutory requirements

What is mandatory and non-statutory?
What are we trying to achieve? What is Relationship and Sex Education?
What do good policies look like?
What flexibility do schools have?
Do parents have the right of withdraw?
Planning for the changes.
What will school inspections look for?

Effective and Engaging Sex and Relationship Education Lessons

Essential ingredients of Relationship Education lessons
Exploring a Relationship Education model lesson.
Effective and engaging strategies to use.

Sex Education

What does age-related sex education look like?
What topics should secondary schools teach?
What should be the content of sex education beyond that found in the science curriculum?

Dealing with sensitive issues

Dealing with questions from pupils and parents

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