“To say that the ECT years of teaching are challenging would be an understatement. There are so many moving parts to manage and so many new things to learn that it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start.”

High Impact Teaching Strategies for ECT & recently qualified teachers and those returning to the profession

  • How do you make sure that all pupils make progress?
  • What are your in-school Mentors and Inspectors looking for to demonstrate excellent learning?
  • How do you make and impact and get noticed for the right things in your school?
  • What is outstanding behaviour for learning?

Research shows that 4 out of 10 ECTs were not teaching six months after leaving university and a further 18 per cent of early career teachers quit within three years. This course will provide a toolkit of excellent ideas and advice relating to all aspects of your first few years of teaching, as well as preparing you for everything the inspectors could throw at you.
The course is designed to consolidate and build on the skills you have learnt in the ECT years of teaching taking them to a higher level rather than repeating what you already know.

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JMC Coaching Team

INSET Outline

Creative lesson ideas

  • Review of current practice – where are you now?
  • Planning time – putting theory into action
  • Developing independent and resilient learners
  • How to make your students work harder than you do

ECT: Focus on your career and professional development

  • Liaising with middle and senior leaders
  • Getting noticed for the right reasons
  • Making the most of your appraisals

High standards of engagement and behaviour

  • How do I develop a positive classroom culture?
  • How your behaviours affect pupils’ behaviours
  • How to avoid/ deal with some common behavioural issues
  • Practical tips and hints that are proven to work
  • Motivational ideas

Moving towards outstanding teaching

  • Great starters and plenaries
  • Inspectors’ views about outstanding lessons and learning
  • What small strategies can have big impacts in my classroom?
  • Integrating formative assessment into your classroom practices
  • What you can do differently tomorrow to make a difference

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