Building positive relationships with difficult colleagues / parents

This INSET will provide effective strategies to:


• Evidence effective leadership and the support of positive behaviours for staff and student wellbeing, as described in OfSTED guidance for inspection.
• Know how to deal with ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ issues through opening lines, questioning tips, interaction strategies; and de-escalation techniques
• Develop reasoning skills to turn around difficult and demanding situations
• Build an effective, skill-base to defuse aggression, handle bullies, complacency, complainers; and support staff and student mental health and wellbeing.

Delegates will take away a wealth of practical strategies, informed by psychological understanding, to deal with difficult situations effectively, and with confidence, confidentiality, care and compassion.


INSET Outline


Session 1: Why we need difficult conversations – tackling complacency, deflection and underachievement.

Session 2: How to lead difficult conversations effectively

Session 3: Ways to avoid aggression and defensiveness

Session 4: Extending your skill-base for tacking difficult situations confidently



• Senior and Middle Leaders
• Mentors and CPD coordinators
• Teachers and TAs



• Explore the drivers for tackling difficult situations and creating a positive professional ethos for both staff and students.
• Investigate practical leadership strategies to manage behaviour to prevent difficult situations occurring
• Gain skills in assertiveness, evidence gathering, effective questioning and target setting to tackle underachievement and complacency.
• Understand how to create win-win outcomes and success-based solutions
• Know how to evidence the effective leadership of challenging behaviours and ensure that staff and student wellbeing is at the forefront

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