I would highly recommend the coach from JMC. They were extremely engaged, professional and insightful, and they helped me move forward with positive actions towards reaching my goals. The JMC leadership coach clearly had a wealth of educational leadership experience and had the ability to shift conversation from a strategist one to that of emotional intelligence as needed. I have found the JMC leadership coach to be very adaptable, tailoring sessions to my specific needs, therefore fostering a transformative coaching relationship.

Michael Brady, Year 5 Team Leader GEMS American Academy, Abu Dhabi


It is rare that school leaders get the opportunity to focus on their own professional development needs. Through these 1:1 and small group workshop sessions, JMC Education would like to offer you the opportunity to work through simple, practical techniques that will help you really focus on those things that matter most to you and your school. Participants will learn science-based techniques that help each of us gain clarity on where we are now, where we want to be; and explore strategies and options to move form one to the other.

This leadership coaching is targeted at middle leaders of all levels of experience in state funded and independent schools and colleges across all phases based either in the UK or internationally, coaching and mentoring offers you the chance to share your professional development with an experienced school leader, international trainer and qualified coach.

These coaching sessions can be offered remotely or face to face depending on circumstances. We also offer a range of fully online self led courses for school leaders all under £30 !

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The structure of our leadership coaching sessions

We start the programme with an initial coaching needs analysis followed by five further 60-minute sessions. Although it is important that you own the area of professional development on which we focus, and that our sessions are controlled and structured by your needs and wants; this model is for a six-week programme with sessions one week to 10 days apart:

Coaching session 1

  • An explanation of how coaching and mentoring
  • An exploration of your needs and wants from coaching and mentoring
  • Our shared commitment to future sessions

Coaching session 2

  • Establishing short term goals and options
  • Using SWOT analysis

Coaching session 3

  • Reviewing progress and overcoming barriers
  • An introduction to NLP techniques to overcome negative and destructive thinking

Coaching session 4

  • Reviewing progress and overcoming barriers
  • Introducing the GROW model and other coaching models that work for you

Coaching session 5

  • Reviewing progress and overcoming barriers
  • Revisiting the GROW model
  • How to communicate coherently

Coaching session 6

  • Reviewing progress and overcoming barriers
  • Building independence and interdependence
  • Next steps

Knowing that a confidential coaching conversation with an experienced international school leader, trainer and consultant would be of benefit, means that now is the time to get in touch to start an initial conversation.


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