The interactive training will provide participants with simple and effective techniques to ‘bio-hack’ their stress reactions allowing them to think clearly under pressure, take charge of life’s challenges and recharge their energy throughout the day.

The workshop takes participants learning to the next level, providing science-based and scientifically validated self-regulation tools and techniques to reduce stress and improve individual’s health and wellbeing.

Participants will learn to reduce the release of stress hormones that make us ‘incoherent’, deplete our energy, harm our health, and disrupt our sleep. Using technology, participants will see the effectiveness of the techniques in real time. A key benefit of the techniques is that they can be used eyes open, in the moment and without anyone knowing.


The primary objective of the Teacher Resilience Advantage Workshop is to provide strategies that encourage and support an effective and sustainable practice of self-awareness and self-regulation energy and stress management skills. This increases the ability of participants to sustain their composure more effectively as they face day-to-day challenges in their lives.

Who is this INSET for:

The course content is suited to:




Parents/ Carers

INSET Course duration and attendance

This is a half-day course. Delegates are required to complete the full half-day (3 hours + 30-minute break) to be eligible for certification.

Teacher Resilience Workshop Objectives

  • Increase personal resilience and energy levels
  • Identify energy depleting emotions
  • Understand the affects positive and negative emotions have on our physiology
  • Reduce symptoms of personal and professional stress such as confusion, fatigue, and sleep disturbance
  • Control the ability to think clearly under pressure and recognise appropriate solutions to problems
  • Increase the ability to maintain situational awareness
  • Improve reaction times and coordination
  • Enhance the ability to maintain composure during challenges

Teacher Resilience Workshop Learning Outcomes

Learners taking this course should be able to achieve all of the learning outcomes listed below by the end of the course:

  • By the end of the workshop participants will be more self-aware of how emotions affect energy levels and will be equipped with self-regulations techniques to renew your energy throughout the day.
  • Be aware of emotional energy expenditures and how it affects resilience and energy levels.
  • Be aware that you can build resilience.
  • Understand how the body reacts during a period of overwhelm, stress or anxiety; be able to recognise the signs and then be able to ‘turn the volume down’ on the body’s natural response
  • Understand that sustained coherence builds resilience capacity
  • Understand key strategies for incorporating practicing of the coherence building techniques into different times of the day that work for you.

INSET Benefits

All our interventions are geared to providing rapid improvement with sustained performance which will produce a significant return on investment on many levels.

Employer’s report:

  • Greater productivity
  • Significant drop in turnover rates
  • Improved team performance and less mistakes
  • Higher employee satisfaction

Employees’ report:

  • Almost immediate relief from stress and anxiety
  • Higher levels of energy enabling them to be more productive
  • Greater satisfaction both in the workplace and in their personal lives

A study conducted following a previous 3-month intervention and utilising the tools and techniques that are offered in this half day workshop highlight the course effectiveness

Participants were more likely to feel:

  • 92% more appreciative
  • 62% calmer
  • 27% more grateful of life
  • 27% more thankful
  • 21% more satisfied with life
  • 20% more at ease
  • 15% more optimistic
  • 13% increase in the feeling that life is deeply fulfilling

Participants were less likely to feel:

  • 27% less stresses
  • 24% less likely to get easily upset
  • 18% less angry
  • 10% less worries or anxious
  • 8% less annoyed
  • 7% likely to quit their job

End of course examination rules

For a learner to obtain certification for this course they must engage in group discussions and actively complete and share their individual course learning.

INSET Certification

The Teacher Resilience Advantage workshop has been accredited by the Continuous Personal Development (CPD) certification service. Delegates attending the workshop will receive CPD Certificate of Attendance.

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