“The importance and significance of outstanding governance and leadership across our education system, in every school in England, has never been greater. The role of governors in defining and implementing strategy whilst holding the leaders of schools and trusts to account has to be the foundation upon which a world class education system is built.” 

Sir David Carter – A Competency Framework for Governance

The Governors Training Programme provides training for Governors to help them carry out their duties effectively. The training sessions can be booked as a full programme or individually.

Training sessions can be delivered virtually by zoom or face to face and each last 2 hours.

JMC has extensive experience working with governors and trustees in the education sector including:

  • Maintained school governing bodies
  • Academy trust boards
  • International and Independent Schools

We also offer a full external School Governance Review which consists of a day in the school working alongside the Governing Body to judge the quality of Governance and identify strengths and areas for development.

External School Governance Review

To judge the quality of governance in your organisation

  • Identify strengths in governance
  • Identify areas for development to strengthen the effectiveness of governance

Each part will consider the six key features of effective governance and the personal attributes of effective governors. Working through each section and ending with a decision about the current effectiveness of the Governing Board.

INSET: Getting your Governors Ofsted Ready

To ensure the Governing body understands the Ofsted process to support the school when inspected.

  • Training for the full governing body going through the Ofsted framework and what responsibilities they will have through an inspection.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the inspection framework and how Ofsted inspect a school.
  • key questions to consider and ask leaders at the school.

INSET: Understanding and Interpreting Data for Governors

To explore the roles and responsibilities of Governors in analysing data

  • Understanding the key terms and concepts relating to Primary Data
  • Scrutinise the range of external data available comparing your school with National Data
  • key questions to consider and ask leaders at the school.

INSET: Understanding Behaviour in Schools and the role of a Governor.

  • To explore the needs of children who present with challenging behaviours
  • To support governors in their role of implementing the school’s behaviour policy
  • key questions to consider and ask leaders at the school.

INSET: Monitoring and Evaluation – the role of the Governors

  • To ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • To be able to hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school
  • To oversee the financial performance of the school
  • key questions to consider and ask leaders at the school.


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