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Sadia Mirza, HOD, Dr Challoners High School

• Do you know what the changes that Ofsted are proposing?
• How articulate are you about how your Science curriculum meets the needs of your children and local area?
• Do you know what the new key Ofsted judgements are and the evidence needed to for them to make accurate graded judgements?
• Is your Science curriculum designed to maximise learning?
• How do we develop a knowledge-rich curriculum for Science?
• What is the role of cognitive science and other research in designing an effective curriculum?
• How do we increase cultural capital in Science?

Ofsted 2019

According to Ofsted we can expect that ‘these changes will move Ofsted’s focus away from headline data to look instead at how schools are achieving these results, and whether they are offering a curriculum that is broad, rich and deep, or simply teaching to the test’.

Curriculum Intent

“Sometimes I think that we, as teachers, are so eager to get to the answers that we do not devote sufficient time to developing the question.”

Daniel Willingham, Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia.

With a greater emphasis on curriculum intent and how schools interpret the National Curriculum to meet the needs of their children, Heads of Science are now in a position where it is necessary to evaluate the ‘offer’ they give and how they prepare all children to make good progress and become better prepared for the next stages of their learning.

This course will prepare all Science departments to audit and evaluate their existing curriculum and teaching against the new 2019 Ofsted Framework. It provides a fantastic opportunity to enrich the experience of your pupils through the Science curriculum. 

This course could be offered alongside our whole school training: ‘The Ofsted Ready School’


INSET Outline

Brief overview of the changes to the Ofsted Framework for 2019 & their implications for Science departments

• Impact of the Ofsted trials for Science
• Intent
• Implementation
• Impact
• Really understanding what a ‘knowledge-rich curriculum’ looks like in Science

Lessons in Curriculum Design from Cognitive Science and other Research

• Role of cognitive science in understanding memory and learning
• Impact of the latest educational research on curriculum design


Planning your Department’s Curriculum Intent

• Understanding your local context
• Curriculum non-negotiables
• The role of the Subject leader in interpreting and moulding the non-negotiables in Science
• Increasing Science Cultural Capital to improve levels of engagement & the uptake of STEM subjects

Outstanding Curriculum Implementation & Leadership in Science

• Outstanding delivery in 2019
• Monitoring and improving T&L
• Creating a culture of improvement in your department


Measuring Curriculum Impact in Science

• What data do Ofsted want to see?
• Using data to improve pupil outcomes


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