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There’s something exciting about watching a young child learn something new or do something for the first time and being able to share the joy of their achievement.

The Early Years Matter!

It is easy to forget that the early years of a child’s life are the most important for their developmental skills, which, then goes on to shape the rest of their adult life and educational experiences. Sometimes we can become complacent in our methods and need to refresh our ideas and ways of thinking!

Inspire Children in the Early Years

Children are receptive to teachers who are engaging, exciting and enthused about what they are teaching. There are many rewards in encouraging young children as they develop their skills in a happy, positive and interactive environment.

The Importance of ‘Curious Play’

Children’s innate and all-important sense of curiosity about the world around them can be fostered by adults who provide them with questions and learning opportunities.

Curiosity, or an eager desire to know, is the key to the joy of learning.
Curious children want to investigate and to explore – attitudes that bring benefits to children’s learning across the Foundation Stage curriculum.

Fostering Curiosity

Curiosity can be fostered through everyday activities, play and involvement in all six areas of learning. Successfully encouraging children to be curious and explore the world around them depends on the ethos, organisation and relationships within a setting.

‘The teacher’s task is not to talk, but to prepare and arrange a series of motives for spontaneous activity in a special environment made for the child.’

Maria Montessori

The aim of this course is to inspire educators and give them the confidence to review the Early Years Foundation Stage in a new light and create exciting opportunities for learning by using creativity to engage curious minds.

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Inset Outline

  • Multiple Intelligence approach to learning
  • Promoting Curious play to boost learning
  • Supporting creative thinkers
  • Creativity and The Early Years Foundation Stage

Course Suitability

EYFS Teachers, Nursery Nurses & Apprentices, EYFS Leaders & Managers, EYFS Head Teachers and Senior Leadership.

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