Many school owners or school proprietors find themselves in a school leadership role with very little educational experience, this is especially true in small independent schools or international schools. This training or leadership coaching is suitable for School Principals, Headteachers and School Owners leading independent schools in challenging times.

Modern Leadership in a Traditional Culture 

The ‘hero head’ culture is no longer a model that serves leaders in a complex and unpredictable climate. How do today’s leaders celebrate tradition whilst delivering a 21st Century experience that meets the needs of staff and pupils in an independent school. This course will help you to re-think traditional ideas of school leadership. This one day course will look at the changing landscape of leadership and the expectations for a cascading model of leadership within our schools. It will explore the qualities and skills that successful leaders will need to adopt in order to succeed in the future. It will provide time for personal reflection, challenge and thinking.

Benefits of Reflective Leadership

School leaders should regularly take time to think about their leadership style and skills. This INSET is the perfect opportunity for your SLT to do exactly that.

As a School leaders you should learn to identify “peak” times in your career when you have performed at your best. Ask yourself: what skills, knowledge and qualities did I display? Have I developed these leadership attributes any further? What else do I need to do to develop myself as a leader?

School leadership is second only to classroom teaching as an influence on pupil learning


‘Future-proof’ Independent School Leadership

It is clear that in these challenging times that future leaders will operate in increasing complex settings with increasingly complex demands. This calls for a change in our traditional assumptions about school leadership and the career pathway of a teacher. How is the language of leadership changing and what can we do to equip ourselves to embrace this change and rise up? What are the tools we need to master to ensure our pupils are getting the very best 21st Century Education?

This course is aimed at serving and aspiring headteachers and senior leaders as well as school proprietors and owners in leadership roles in independent schools and international schools.


• Explore the changing landscape of a teaching career
• Recognise and identify leadership opportunities within school
• Supporting women in education
• Reflecting on research, what is it telling us about leadership in 2020 / 2030?
• Building confidence and bring clarity to leadership in the 21st Century

This course could be offered as one to one or small group mentoring.

JMC Mentoring can be either face to face or online.

We have an extensive range of Primary/Secondary/Independent and International school leaders ready to act as your mentor or critical friend.

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INSET Outline

The increasingly diverse career of an Independent School Leader

• Career assumptions; is the path to leadership always linear?
• The ‘hero’ head? The changing language of leadership
• Leadership at all levels; what are the transferable leadership qualities?
• Transition and change; starting afresh or stepping up? Differences in promotion

Preparation, transition and succession

• Preparation for leadership; looking within to source our motivations
• Leadership Styles; using Hay Group research to discover how to be a chameleon!
• Succession planning; growing the best and letting them go!
• Flexibility and creativity; women in leadership at all levels of the school

The qualities of the new ‘heroes & sheroes’

• The changes to curriculum and assessment expectations
• The ‘new’ leaders; what are the expectations of senior leaders and middle leaders
• The leadership toolkit – practical examples of how to develop the tools of leadership
• Coaching and collaboration – why and how and what does this look like in practice?

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