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Tak Sang Li, Assistant Master, Westminster School
  • Do you feel confident in the skills of conducting a work scrutiny?
  • Do you know how to use book scrutiny to help other teachers improvement their practice?
  • Do you understand how inspectors conduct book scrutinies and the implications for your school?
  • Would you feel confident carrying out a collaborative book scrutiny alongside an inspector?

Getting your scrutiny right

Work scrutiny (or book sampling) is too often about criticism and too often conducted in a Big Brother atmosphere of distrust. Instead, it must be about improvement, development and sharing best practice.

Work scrutiny is a key part of the inspection process for both ISI & Ofsted. With a reduced focus on data in the current Ofsted inspection framework (EIF) the book look is an integral part of the deep dive process and ISI’s collaborative inspection methodologies.

This course will explore practical strategies to ensure rigorous and robust work scrutinies are an important element of any school performance management processes; and are used to inform and improve outstanding learning and teaching.

INSET Outline

Leading Work Scrutiny as a Senior or Middle leader

  • How to use book scrutiny to drive school improvement
  • Integrating it with Performance Management & Appraisal systems
  • What to use it for (and what not to!)

Conducting a Meaningful Work Scrutiny ( including collaborative work scrutiny)

  • What should we look for?
  • What will Inspectors be looking for & what can we learn from inspection practice?
  • Are the pupils learning anything from feedback and how do you know?
  • Tips for demonstrating & judging progress in the short and longer term
  • Embedding a collegiate & formative approach to work scrutiny

Target Audience & Format

Teachers of Year 3 and above will benefit from this INSET, but it is especially suited to Heads of Department, Middle and Senior Management who are expected to undertake work scrutinies.

This training is designed to be delivered either as a face to face workshop or an online expert-led webinar lasting 2 hours. It is perfect for a twilight training session in a after school meeting slot.

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