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Jane Bond , Senior Deputy Head (Pastoral and Operational), Rokeby School

Strategies for ISI Lesson observation, feedback and coaching to improve teaching and pupil progress

  • Do your middle leaders feel confident in how to carry out an ISI lesson observation?
  • Do you feel confident in the skills of conducting a learning walk?
  • Are you prepared to carry out ‘collaborative’ learning walks with ISI inspectors?
  • Can staff have an effective pedagogical conversation with inspectors whilst watching lessons?
  • Can you feedback to colleagues in a structured and supportive way?
  • Do leaders know how to coach other teachers through improvements to practice?

Understanding the ISI Approach to Lesson Observation & Learning Walks

This course will explore how ISI lesson observations & learning walks contribute to evidence of the extent of a school’s compliance with the Independent School Standards Regulations (ISSRS) and other relevant regulations. It will explore practical strategies to ensure rigorous and robust learning walks are an important element of any school performance management processes; and are used to inform and improve outstanding learning and teaching.

Collaborative methodology

The F23 ISI inspection framework includes collaborative processes when observing lessons , taking learning walks or conducting work scrutinies. These joint observations require the observer to have a direct discussion with the inspectors regarding the pedagogy of the lesson or lessons they are observing They should also help to ensure the transparency of the inspection process for school leaders while also helping inspectors to understand the context of what they are seeing.

This course could be offered as one to one or small group mentoring.
JMC Mentoring can be either face to face or online.
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INSET Outline

Understanding how ISI Lesson Observations work

  • How pupils’ Pupils’ Education, Training and Recreation are evaluated
  • Lesson observations, Learning walks and the nature of evidence
  • How lesson planning, marking and other teachers’ documentation are considered

Conducting a Meaningful ISI Lesson Observation & Learning Walk

  • The top 10 pitfalls to AVOID when observing lessons
  • Are the pupils learning anything and how do you know?
  • Tips for measuring progress in the short and longer term
  • How to focus on developmental lesson observations

Strategies to use feedback and coaching to develop the quality of teaching and improve pupil outcomes

  • Embed a formative approach to lesson observations through:
  • Coaching and mentoring programmes
  • Strategies for highly effective Staff CPD
  • Action Research Projects
  • Meaningful Appraisal processes

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