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Jo Grundy, Headteacher, Oaks School, Bolton
  • What is the relationship between stress and resilience?
  • How can we become more resilient?
  • How can we better understand and manage stress, and become more productive at work?
  • How can we become more disciplined regarding self-care, and how can good self-care support us at work?
  • How can mindfulness and restoration exercises help us to manage stress and regulate the nervous system, so as to improve our performance at work?

Good Resilience helps avoid burn-out

The day to day demands of being a teacher and working within a school environment can start to feel overwhelming. The pace of the job can become frenetic, and in an attempt to do everything and manage all aspects of the job we can start to feel stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out. All too often school staff find it hard to take a breather, look after themselves, manage their stress levels and develop good resilience in the face of the demands of the job, and this can have a hugely negative impact on health, productivity and efficiency. But once that stress cycle takes hold of us it can be very hard to break it and ‘come down’.

Manage and Minimise Stress

This course has been formulated especially with school staff in mind, in order to help participants learn more about stress, the science of stress and how stress impacts them as individuals, and to support participants in building their resilience as a means to help them manage stress, and to minimise the impacts of stress when it does hit. The training will explore the relationship between stress and resilience, will consider the value of self-care and how good self-care can help with performance at work, and will develop basic mindfulness skills to help attendees start to develop an understanding of how their nervous system can become overwhelmed, and what they can do to help counteract this.

INSET Outline

Understanding and working with stress and resilience


  • To understand the stress response and the stress cycle, and how the symptoms of stress present in ourselves
  • To identify how to break the stress cycle and interrupt the stress response
  • To understand the relationship between stress and resilience
  • To learn new ways to develop personal resilience

Self-care and resourcing


  • To understand the value and importance of good self-care, and the relationship between good self care and better performance at work
  • To consider constructive ways in which to better care for oneself, particularly when under pressure
  • To develop and build on resources to increase resilience

Mindfulness and restoration


  • To understand how mindfulness and emotional restoration can help with improving performance and efficiency at work
  • To learn the basic skills of mindfulness in order to help regulate the nervous system and manage stress

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