Instrumental in the development of teaching, learning and leadership and contributed significantly to the pace of the transformation from ‘Requires improvement’ (Ofsted July 2013) to an ‘Outstanding’ school (July 2017).
Helen Thomas, Headteacher
St Barnabas Church of England Primary Academy

• How is coaching different to mentoring and counselling?
• What value can coaching add to leadership, and the empowerment and development of others?
• How can coaching play  a key role in improving teaching and learning, and achieving better outcomes?
• What is effective evaluation of coaching and how can I find out what difference coaching is making for all groups of pupils and for all staff?


INSET Outline

Rationale for promoting coaching throughout school and in the classroom

  • Facilitate staff into becoming proactive and solutions focused practitioners with clear strengths in reflective practice.
  • Increase the capacity to identify and own the actions staff need to take to improve the ways in which they lead or support teaching and learning.
  • Develop a psychologically safe and effective professional learning community where strengths can be brought to the fore.
  • Create a learning environment where development is collaborative and underperformance is both recognised and addressed rapidly
  • Promote consistent, excellent high quality practice and a sustainable high performing culture

Helping leaders and all staff to develop the toolkit to support the implementation and development of coaching throughout school

• Developing an understanding of a range of coaching models and tools to support practice (delegates will be provided with a toolkit as part of the training).
• Understand the factors that support the creation of an effective coaching culture through school
• Using coaching in the classroom: using empathetic listening and powerful questioning to develop pupil’s growth mind-set, resilience and capacity to take ownership of their own learning and progress

What will the day involve?

Understanding what coaching is, and what it is not
A variety of group based, paired and individual activities covering:
Establishing trust and rapport
The roles and responsibilities of an effective and ethical coach
The skills, knowledge and behaviours required of an effective and ethical coach
Learning preference and the relevance to coaching
Real coaching practice in coaching triads or pairs to develop confidence with models
Reflective practice
The provision of a toolkit to support practice and leaders in developing and implementing coaching throughout school

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