Before attending this training, public speaking was a source of anxiety for me. But after just one day, I emerged a transformed leader with newfound confidence and poise. I now look forward to any opportunity to speak and engage with audiences of all sizes. This training truly made a difference in my professional and personal life.

Bobbie Young – Vice Principal St Helens Primary School

Empowering leaders to become confident in public speaking

This is a comprehensive one-day training program designed specifically for school leaders to equip them with the techniques and confidence to captivate audiences when public speaking. Effective public speaking is a crucial leadership skill. Whether delivering an address to students, giving a presentation to Governors, speaking to parents or simply leading a meeting, leaders must be confident, poised and effective communicators.

This training program covers the essential elements of public speaking and provides practical strategies and techniques to help leaders build confidence and become more effective communicators. From understanding the basics of public speaking to dealing with nerves and developing practical strategies, this training provides leaders with the tools they need to make a lasting impact.

In a safe and supportive environment, participants will have the opportunity to practise their speaking skills and receive constructive feedback to help them improve. The training concludes with a summary of key points and resources for continued learning and development.

Whether you are a seasoned speaker or just starting out, this training will help you to become a more confident, effective public speaker.

Nervousness Is Normal. Practice and Prepare!

Marjorie North, Harvard University, Division of Continuing Education

Which topics will be covered during the day?

Identifying the purpose

  • Participants will learn about the potential benefits of being a confident and effective public speaker, including improved communication skills, enhanced reputation and increased credibility.
  • The session will provide a comprehensive understanding of the basics of speaking to a variety of audiences, including identifying the elements of an effective presentation, structure, content, and delivery techniques.
  • Topics such as tone, pace, body language, and movement will be covered, as well as the effective use of visual aids such as slides and props for both the audience and the speaker.

Building Confidence & Poise for Public Speaking

  • Participants will explore various techniques and exercises to build their self-confidence and poise, including visualisation, positive self-talk, and deep breathing techniques.
  • They will also learn the importance of preparation and understanding the audience, and how this can help to reduce anxiety in public speaking situations.
  • Additionally, participants will learn practical strategies to handle unexpected situations.

Practical Application & Next Steps

  • In this final session, participants will have the opportunity to put their newfound knowledge and skills into practice. They will present their speeches in a supportive and safe environment, receiving constructive feedback from both their peers and instructor. This will allow them to refine their techniques and further develop their public speaking skills.
  • The course will conclude with a summarization of the key points covered throughout the day. Participants will be encouraged to continue honing their public speaking skills and seek out opportunities for practice.
  • A comprehensive list of resources for further learning and development will also be provided

Booking the session:

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