INSET : Challenging the most able students in all subjects

“Excellent – lots of good strategies and resources. I liked that the course leader was flexible in his approach and was happy to go off on tangents and alternative topics.” – St Teresa’s School

Strategies for challenging the very able students in every classroom

  • How do you set high expectations in your class for the highest achievers to flourish?
  • How do you develop higher order thinking skills with your students?
  • Are you looking for new teaching approaches to challenge the most able students?

The course will explore new teaching approaches to develop higher order thinking skills and challenging pace of progress in the mix of the current demands of the new curriculum.

INSET Outline

Recognising & Inspiring Able Students

  • Evaluating Identification methods
  • Personalising learning strategies

Meeting the needs of more able students

  • Subject specific guidance and resources to support classroom practice
  • What does the research tell us?
  • Key strategies that work with the very able
  • Differentiation in action
  • Questioning skills

The development of higher order thinking skills

  • How to develop critical thinking skills
  • Encouraging the learning through argument
  • Enhancing problem solving skills
  • Reaching the top grades

Independent and creative learning: boosting the attainment of the most able

  • Encouraging creative thinking
  • Enhancing problem solving skills
  • Producing secure independent learners by introducing metacognition techniques
  • Encouraging a growth-mindset and independence

“It was informative, constructive and invaluable for me”

Melanie Westlake, Head of Science, Saint Felix School

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