“We have received some excellent feedback about your workshops in resilience, emotional confidence and mental health – can we build on this and book you for our next wave of students?”

Freya Buckley NCS Co-ordinator BRFC

How do we as teachers support our pupil’s Mental Health?

With the focus in schools well and truly on pupil mental health and wellbeing, is your school ahead of the learning curve in terms of :
• What is involved with the new Green Paper recommendations?
• How to engage pupils in mental health conversations?
• The setting up of a designated space with conversational /activity-based starters and dialogue builders?
• A variety of strategies to develop and embed emotional competencies of self-esteem, emotional confidence, resilience and empathy?
• A variety of simple and more detailed mental health strategies in various resource formats?
• Conversations with parents, governors and other key stakeholders?

From 2020 All pupils will be taught about Mental Health – is your school ready?

Understanding the Government Green Paper and its implications will allow your school to be ahead of the curve. You can be assured that your school will be delivering positive mental health now when the pupils need it. The impact on school well-being, pupil independence in managing some of their mental health challenges and the ultimate benefits for improved pupil outcomes cannot be over-emphasised.

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only 25!

INSET Outcomes

By the end of the INSET, delegates will have:

• A greater awareness of various mental illnesses
• Simple ways to start and engage mental health conversations
• The value of key protective factors of connectivity, physical well-being, sleep, diet
• Identification and measurement of the importance of emotional competencies i.e. self-esteem, confidence, resilience, awareness, empathy
• Use of the Stress Bin concept to evaluate stress levels and existing coping mechanisms
• Introduction to various strategies to improve emotional competency and mental health – includes various video and resource supports
• Introduction to implementing Green Paper proposals in your school.

Who is this INSET for?

• All teaching staff who are in a pastoral/mentoring/safeguarding/SEND type role
• TA’s
• Governors
• Parents/Carers

This INSET is would be ideal as a Keynote speech at an educational conference or as talk for parents.

Inset Outline

What can we learn from research & how does it apply to school life?

This course initially introduces key statistics about the increased prevalence of mental illness in society, and so establishes a need for intervention. There is then a look behind the statistics i.e. why do girls and young women suffer with higher rates of mental illness, why are more younger pupils being diagnosed with mental illness and how can the lead time be reduced from diagnosis to treatment.

Supporting a Positive Mental Health Culture through Dialogue & School Practice

The course then looks at ways to initiate simple conversations when concerns are noticed. There is an introduction to the emotional competencies which make up each individual with a focus on developing the key components as a protective mechanism. Individual stress analysis is conducted via simple stress bins before several strategies are introduced to enable better coping. These strategies are derived from positive psychology, mindfulness, solutions focused therapy, resilience therapy, coaching and mentoring.

Guidance on Policy and School Practicalities

Finally, advice and guidance will be shared about ways in which a positive mental health and well-being policy can be implemented within school i.e. physical room(s) design, equipment, engagement skills and techniques, policy requirements.



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